Bisila Bokoko
Bisila Bokoko
Empresaria internacional muy galardonada, conferenciante y filántropa afincada en NYC. Fundadora en 2012 de la consultoría BBES, ha participado en el programa de las Naciones Unidas EMPRETEC y en su organización sin ánimo de lucro, BBALP, trabaja por la construcción de bibliotecas en distintos puntos de África. International award-winning businesswoman, speaker and philanthropist based in NYC. Launched her consulting firm, BBES in 2012. Working in EMPRETEC, a United Nations programme that supports up and coming entrepreneurs and through BBALP, her non-profit organization, is committed to building libraries across Africa.

Publicaciones de Bisila Bokoko

Products That Rethink Urban Life
Icono de fecha 19 07 2017 Icono de autor Bisila Bokoko

I met Carlos Ferrado Founder & Enhancer of Closca in NY, just an hour before to give a speech to explain all his ideas about...

Maha Akhtar and Her Media Labs
Icono de fecha 14 07 2017 Icono de autor Bisila Bokoko

Kim Akhtar is a journalist, novelist and speechwriter. She launched her writing career in Spain with two memoirs and two novels...

The Power of Forgiveness
Icono de fecha 15 06 2017 Icono de autor Bisila Bokoko

It is a reality that across Africa in countries emerging from major post war conflicts, active peace movements has been led by...

Sariali: Bi-Cultural Fashion
Icono de fecha 29 05 2017 Icono de autor Bisila Bokoko

With Istanbul on its way to cementing its status as an international fashion destination and given the vehement cultural...

Nace el primer centro oncológico integrativo
Icono de fecha 04 05 2017 Icono de autor Bisila Bokoko

Hace tres años, en uno de mis frecuente viajes a España, conocí a estas mujeres aladas. Me las presentó Amanda, la...

Witchcraft and Style: The Rising Silent Fashion
Icono de fecha 24 04 2017 Icono de autor Bisila Bokoko

Positive impact upon earnings has moved the beauty industry to take heed and follow course. The first sign of the magical turn...

Naam Yoga and Harmonyum Healing System
Icono de fecha 17 04 2017 Icono de autor Bisila Bokoko

Christina Pabers has served in the field of health and fitness for over 19 years. While she currently holds her four-year...

ELAS. Lujo afrofemenino en tu casa
Icono de fecha 22 02 2017 Icono de autor Bisila Bokoko

Siempre que me preguntan "por qué", respondo que "por qué no". "Por qué no intentarlo, por qué no cambiar, por qué no...

African Entrepreneurship is Key to the Continent’s Prosperity
Icono de fecha 12 12 2016 Icono de autor Bisila Bokoko

In Africa, necessity is the mother of invention. African entrepreneurs are developing cutting edge products and services...

Naam Yoga: The Ultimate Yoga Experience
Icono de fecha 14 11 2016 Icono de autor Bisila Bokoko

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know the whole movement about body, mind and spirit is the talk of the town. Yoga...