A Carbon Fiber Electric Bike

The EC1 weighs only 34 lbs and can go up to 20 miles on one charge.

The Luxonomist. 07/01/2015

Daymak has chosen to develop this ebike using a carbon fiber frame because carbon is lighter, stronger, and more stable than both aluminum, titanium and steel frames. Advanced carbon-fiber composites have been used in recent years to lighten planes’ loads. These materials can match aluminum and titanium in strength but at a fraction of the weight, and can be found in aircraft like the Boeing 787 and Airbus A380, reducing such jets’ weight by 20 percent. The next generation cars and planes will all be based on advanced carbon fiber based materials.

Bike 4
The EC1 by Daymak. Click for more information

«I have always wanted a carbon fiber frame bicycle but it always seemed that it was for a selected few due to the price. The future is now,» states Aldo Baiocchi, founder of Daymak. «Carbon is stronger than steel at a fraction of the weight. With the launch of the EC1, not only have we made an ebike using a carbon fiber frame at an affordable price, but we have included an extra rim to convert it to a regular bicycle all at a very low price: 2 for 1.»

Bike 2
The EC1 by Daymak. Click for more information

The EC1 (Electric Carbon One) is a full featured electric bicycle that comes with a 24V lithium battery pack and 250W motor weighing only 34lbs. The EC1 ebike comes with an additional wheel that can be used in place of the EC1 motorized wheel. By converting it into a standard bicycle, the weight is significantly reduced. Several upgrades are also available in different packages.

Bike 3
The EC1 weighs only 34 lbs! and can go up to 20 miles on one charge!

Daymak, a Toronto-based company, incorporated in 2002, is a leading developer and distributor of personal light electric vehicles. Daymak’s goal is reduce the carbon footprint one electric vehicle at a time. Products successfully developed include the all terrain Beast ebike www.daymakbeast.com and the multi function Photon scooter www.photonscooter.com.



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