Art Takes the Shape of a Woman

Pepa Poch uses art as a medium to raises awareness on social issues such as female homelessness.

Bisila Bokoko. 26/09/2016

“The book lady” is a title I earned through  BBALP, my world literacy foundation launched in 2009.  Indeed, I have always been fond of literature. In fact, it is how the fascinating art world made its way into my heart during my high school years.

Pepa Poch 2
Pepa Poch

It was at St. Regis Hotel in New York, my dear friend Sever Garcia insisted I meet Spaniard artist Pepa Poch, he enthusiastically described as “special and unique”. Pepa is indeed one of a kind with a vibrant and bold personality, like her paintings.

Pepa Poch 3
Pepa Poch

As she invited me to dive deeper into her artistic free-spirited realm, I found out Pepa Poch was born into a color palette and naturally, could paint before she could read. A language and gift inherited by her parents who themselves were painters. Spanning 50 years, her groundbreaking career is not only inspiring, its socially responsible dimension adds another layer of admiration to her craft. Poch uses art as a medium to raises awareness on social issues such as female homelessness.

Pepa Poch 4
Pepa Poch

Survivors, her internationally acclaimed exhibition is a visual delight and a deeply emotional experience where from her perception and knowledge comes an intuitive concern in fighting for excellence, survival and equality. Through her artwork, Poch gives us the key to freedom, hope and love.

Pepa Poch 5
Pepa Poch

Poch’s sense of aesthetics transcends canvas and even influences the runway. She creates signature dinnerware ‎and is the mastermind behind the walls and decor of some luxurious hotels, homes and have exhibit her art all around the world! In Barcelona you can find some of her signature pieces at The Barcelona Design Gallery.

Pepa Poch 6
Pepa Poch

An innovator and trendsetter, the Spain native was appointed as one of the 15 members of the prestigious International Colour Authority in London, a private organization publishing forecasts about colour trends for the coming seasons, to be used by fashion designers. Pepa Poch is a 21st century renaissance woman with a global blueprint.

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