Health Fitness: Trend or Fad?

The supply of clothing intended to be fit activities have increased their presence in the market.

Lourdes Delgado. 10/05/2016

Fitness Survey 2016 difference the concept of passing trend and reflecting on the fitness fashion health. According to Walter R. Thompson, while the trend is a development or change in a situation or way of behaving; the fad starts with great enthusiasm and develops over a short period.

Ponerse en forma está de moda
Fit activities have increased their presence in the market.

Brands have noted demand. The supply of clothing intended to be fit activities have increased their presence in the market. According to this study health fitness trends for 2016 are:

Cuadro 1
Top 20 Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2016 (Table courtesy of Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc.)

According to Thompson, is not a surprise check in the era of technology, garments with built her appear in the list as the first trend. Leaving aside the concept of trend or fad, in one case as in the other, the increase in sports is good news. While strengthening the objectives of the health authorities, on the advisability of practicing a sport to escape inactivity.

Pilates, la disciplina de moda entre los que quieren estar en forma
Pilates is very popular today

According Tungate (2007) 80% of consumers sportswear does not use it for this purpose. Looking feel part of the mainstream, in line with positive and healthy values. According to Walter R. Thompson, trends are a general development that takes some time and then maintained for a period (usually described as a behavior change), while fashion comes and goes.

Among the top 20 fitness trends for 2016, 17 have been on the list in previous years. Taking the top maintenance exercises and interval training high intensity portable technology. Pilates, indoor cycling, balance training, stability ball and fitness still exist, but not as popular as trends ACSM survey. It is interesting to see the outcome of upcoming surveys to assess whether it is just a fad or trend takes shape.

El ciclismo indoor, entre los deportes favoritos
Body weight training

The lack of time to develop sports and healthy activities is making increasingly encroach garments such labor cabinet. Crane points (2012, pp. 46-47) that throughout history the code of sports clothes women must adapt to social scope and character of the activity. Today is happening on the contrary, the areas are influenced by changing their domain codes and even invasive nature of sports and healthy habits.

Los accesorios y ropa deportiva crecen en ventas
Increase the sales of sports clothing and accessories


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