Stephen Curry, the Unusual Case of a Sport Genius

Last year Stephen Curry led the Golden State Warriors to the NBA title. This year the challenge is to repeat title and beat the record of the Bulls of Jordan.

Abel Amón. 17/03/2016

In July 2010, in a friendly in Madrid, the Spanish basketball team almost beat the US, a team that has lost only 1 game in the last 10 years. It was a preparatory game for the FIBA World Cup in Turkey that took place a few weeks later. In that team stood out above all an exceptional player like Kevin Durant led the team to the title.

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I attended that game and I could see close the players. I was impressed with Durant s, lengh, slimness and huge arms. I thought this guy is an alien sent to master basketball. It turns out there was an alien more on that team and I not even notice; he was Stephen Curry. Curry played little in that US team and was little known beyond those that closely follow the NBA. It is true that although already had very good statistics as his team, the Golden State Warriors, obtained mediocre results in the very tough NBA Western Conference.

Curry se ha convertido en una estrella y ya está entre los grandes del deporte
Curry has become a star and is already among the greats of sport

Improving Curry, Warriors improved.
In the 2011 season Stephen signed a multimillion dollar contract, but falls rather seriously injured and his team, logically suffered. That same year, the Warriors signs a new coach, Mark Jackson, witha a profile very similar to that of Pablo Laso, Real Madrid coach, in Spain. Both as players were among the best passers in the history of basketball in their respective countries and both coaches were quickly able to impose his players his dynamic conception of basketball.

Jackson gives a new pace the Warriors, and we followed with some interest the NBA we began to pay atenttion to this funny team begins to stand up to the giants of the West. Curry and extended his scoring career and began his lessons of outside shot and his multiple skills with the ball in his hands.Jackson qualify for playoffs twice, but in the 2013 season the Clippers eliminated in the first round.

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The Warriors disappointed by this early elimination and alleged bad relationship between coach and players. Franchise management change Steve Kerr in the place of Jackson as a head coach. Kerr was NBA champion with Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan teammate. The Warriors had a very remarkable roster. Besides Curry, Klay Thomson have one of the best shooters in the history of basketball and son, as in the cases of Curry NBA player.

They have a solid pivot like the Australian Andrew Bogut, a mobile power forward as Draymond Greenand physical marvel of nature as André Iguolada curiously took prominence to Curry in the NBA Finals to be proclaimed MVP. Even her own daughter Riley Curry, 3 years old, took him center stage in the press conferences of the final.

What is unusual is how Curry has emerged in professional basketball, has cost many years to have that star, that other figures were nothing more step on a NBA court. Jordan, Bird, Jabbar or LeBron had that media focus immediately. Stephen Curry had to win the NBA by surprise and forceful way to not only be a media star but to run as someone capable of ousting Jordan’s throne best basketball player all time.

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Beat records, surpass himself. What is his limit?
Said Pau Gasol recently that Stephen Curry should win the title player with better progression in 2016 … someone who already last year was the best player in the NBA and this year is able to improve by almost 10 points their scoring figures has broken the record for triples in a season in the absence of 25 games to conclude. That has led his team to aspire to improve the record for victories in a single season last year. The Warriors was prodigious like Curry. That high standards of departing this year it seems to be largely overcome.

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An unusual and historic day.
It was a game Warriors at Oklahoma City, the team of Durant and Kevin Westbrook two of the best players in the world today. Not only two teams will dispute the NBA title but Oklahoma teame tryed to stop the incredible progress of Curry and stop you in the strongest possible way. It was impossible. Both players ,Durant and Westbrook, were on the task of alternating in his defense.

Curry matched the record for triples in a game. By the very nature historical record. Unusual to do so against his toughest and most unusual motivated and rivals even the reaction of Lebron James Curry display after acknowledging that «I have never seen anything like this on a basketball court».

We do not know what will happen until the end of season if Curry and the Warriors will beat the record of wins NBA. We do not know if Stephen Curry will unseat Jordan as the best player of all time. But clearly, step by step, this genius of basketball has already made a place among the best ever.

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