Amazon Wants to Control Your Home and Your Life

The giant is investing millions of dollars in making life easier, and more controlled by them.


That the internet of things is, reality is a no-brainer. Tesla already manufactures and is testing cars without a driver. Apple and Google want to compete to become not only automakers and electric car makers but the leaders of so-called «smart homes.» That domotics applied to the home that already has its maximum expression in products like Amazon Echo that allows from a single device and with voice commands turn off and on the house lights, lower or raise the smart blinds and even activate the TV Or the radio.

Amazon trata de acercarse a los usuarios también a través de los medios de comunicación
Amazon Prime Air

A first step to turning our homes into what we saw in the most futile films of a few decades ago. In fact, the arrival of the AplePay to Spain is supposing a revolution in the payments, but in the United States, it is already possible to pay in most of the big cities simply with the clock. In New York or Los Angeles all taxis carry the device of AplePay, and if you decide to travel with a Uber do not need to bring money, the company charges directly from your credit card. Tipping is not allowed either.

El éxito de amazon ha sido rotundo
Amazon is investing millions of dollars in making life easier

At the clock, you can carry the boarding pass when you take a flight from the JFK, for example, or pay at Starbucks. Who wants a wallet full of credit cards or tickets when the clock has become the device with more information in less space? In fact, the experts in the United States in these things called Gadgets and that to me continue extraordinary results, assure that not very late we will only use clocks and smartphones, and that from them we will control our life: from the technology applied to the health, To our personal accounts.

Almacén de Amazon en Nueva York
Amazon Nueva York

In this fast-paced race to dominate the so-called «internet of things» where home robots already start to appear and even supermarkets where no money is used, no cashier like the one launched in December by Amazon for its employees, Jeff Bezos wins the match. The giant is investing millions of dollars in making life easier, and more controlled by them. From the test of drones that will be in charge of the delivery of packages to the original voice screens from which you control the entire house, including the purchase in the supermarket to fill the refrigerator, naturally in the Amazon supermarket.

Amazon Go

Until now the pioneer sector in the new technologies adapted to the consumers was the hotelier. The large Spanish hotel chains have been pioneers in incorporating to their services the latest technologies. Moreover, there are already chains like Windham that in their rooms have devices that replace the traditional butler.The world of the future is here, and Amazon leads it from an online platform that began as a giant online multi-brand supermarket, and that three decades later leads from you to you the most significant technological advances with Apple, Google or Microsoft.

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