And Holyday Giving is Back!

According to the firm Brostrick there are a few items that will fulfill the dreams of the most demanding person this Christmas.

Beatrice Rangel. 22/11/2016

As the US election results are absorbed by Americans and the rest of the world a sudden thought takes over: what and where are we going to buy our holiday gifts. Tradition has it that Xmas is the moment in the year when you count your blessings and share them with your loved ones. But tradition has no clue as to what your loved one would love to possess through your makings given that we live in volatile times where tastes do not last a TV season. But according to the firm Brostrick there are a few items that will fulfill the dreams of the most demanding person this Christmas.

Rose Gold I-Phone

The list of desirable items for women include a Rose Gold I-Phone cover for US $399; a Cashmere Plaid Blanket Scarf for US $235; Chanel Mademoiselle au de perfume for US $94; flowers for every month ranging from US $ 120 to US $2,500; a David Yurman Bracelet for US $625 and the Birchbox which is a subscription based service that provides customers with high end cosmetics samples every month. The Birchbox can be acquired for US $120 or for US $ 1,200 depending on the variety of the samples.

Chanel Mademoiselle au de perfume

For men the magic list comprises a Coffee Press designed to resemble R2D2 for US $40; an ALTA fitness tracker for US $130; a Birchbox for as low as US $ 10 per month or as high as US $200 per month; a Meister Singer NEO watch for US $ 1,200. A Braun shaver for US $252…. and an Apple I-Phone 7 for US $399.

David Yurman Bracelet. Click to buy

All these presents reflect the unavoidable penetration of Millennial culture into consumption. To be sure, long gone are the presents that were meant to create an impression or mark an epoch such as elephant bangles or lion teeth or Chinese ivory. Today things must proclaim the victory of technology over our lives and the value of being fit and being spiritually healthy besides, of course, being connected 24/7. So, get your list of utilitarian gifts that will serve the purpose of making this holyday season an opportunity to tout the positive effects of change and the beneficial expectations of being a healthy human being. And buy then with joy, as they will represent a bit of you in the lives of the people you care for.

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