And Paris… Bounced Back!!!

Paris is shining at this fashion week more than ever.

Beatrice Rangel. 28/01/2016

2015 left Paris sizzling. A terrorist attack that claimed 130 lives plus set the fear engine in motion once again in Europe left its most glaring city in shambles. To many the event was bound to negatively impact the fashion week gathering in January which was expected to stage a serious retrenchment. This prognosis was reinforced by the hurricane force juddering financial markets on this year’s debut. According to these voices luxury goods; fashion and their epitome city would take the hit of terrorism cum financial volatility.

Chanel 2
The Guests, Chanel Spring-Summer 2016 Haute Couture show. Grand Palais, Paris.

But once again the industry and its star city turned these predictions into sand writings. Paris is shining at this fashion  week  more than ever. Throngs of style devoted upper income audiences; celebrities; executives and stars marched to the Light City with enthusiasm and joy thereby exorcising the demons of terrorism and fear. And while security details from law enforcement agencies were visible everywhere, style and fashion fans were the least deterred by their presence. Security measures while heightened when compared to those of 2015, were less invasive than those prevailing at American airports.

Schiaparelli 1
Kate Bosworth, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and Diego Della Valle; Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2016 in the Salle des Tirages of the Hôtel d’Evreux place Vendôme in Paris.

Several trends were also visible in the display of fashion, show business and finance that personifies  these events. First and more obvious, that of fashions fly back to Art Nouveau styles with Schiaparelli, Valli and Channel taking the lead. Intricate linear designs and flowing curves based on natural forms saw their day with splendor.

G-Dragon,; Chanel Spring-Summer 2016 Haute Couture show. Grand Palais, Paris.

Second , the turn towards Asia was the most obvious trend in the city. Asian celebrities; executives; journalists, fashion aficionados and designers populated the seats alongside runways. And the most sought after personalities were G-Dragon, the South Korean pop star turned into rapper and the Chinese designer Guo Pei. G-Dragon represents what today is fashion. A harmonious blend of music, film, fashion and art. His Chanel attire topped with a fur hat represented the industry incarnation in a living icon.

Guo Pei, Rihanna; the Metropolitan Museum of New Yok Haute Couture Gala last May.

Guo Pei, on her turn, was tasting the honey dew of fame after Rihanna launched her designs to glory at the Metropolitan Museum of New Yok Haute Couture Gala last May. Ms. Guo’s sumptuous excess showcased in  skirt and tail volumes, loads of beaded stones or rich bursts of embroidered color blends Asian silk with Venetian designs. In a sense she could be considered the heiress of la maison Worth. For those who believe the world to be in a trade transition that takes the epicenter of business from the West to the East, Paris fashion week was yet another stepping stone in this direction.


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