At least, Spain is different

The made in Spain is noted in aesthetics; some Spanish brands are unmarked in the least aesthetic trend of the moment. They “don’t care” about the eroticism of fashion.

Lourdes Delgado. 18/02/2015
Alvarno S/S 2015
Cristina Piña S/S 2015

Finally Spain is different, creates beauty and growth. For example, proposals for Acosta, Alvarno, Ulises Mérida and Cristina Piña. A fresh air of beauty, elegance and craftsmanship. Considering these designs is to check that fashion as an art continues existing. While it is generating economic growth. According to the results of El Corte Inglés in 2013, it contributed to national income with 3351.28 million.

According to this tweet: Lucía Borrallo “We can’t have a fixed mindset in a changing world” @Pablo__Arribas

I don’t agree at all; because they can change many things but not what affects human dignity. Sustainability begins there. These days we talk a lot about freedom of expression. I would like to remember that freedom of expression is not the same as freedom of aggression. And it seems that many people confuse it.

Acosta & Ulises Mérida, handbag.

I liked the comment that makes Jesus Andreu made in The Luxonomist as it relates beauty and gastronomy:«What is better, be beauty or Glam? I think more restaurants and in these pages we have given many laps around the beauty in the kitchen, discipline in which the “gastrobelleza” should be one of the first subjects».

At the same time, I have rescued an article by Marita Alonso (2014) making an approach to the changes that have occurred in the social perception of the nude:

  1. Topless
  2. Free the nipple
  3. Wardrove malfunction
Bolsos Alvarno S/S 2015
Alvarno bags S/S 2015

She makes a very good question is, Have they finally immunized us to nudity? And I add Are we immunized to be beauty? I think so. In short, the point is nwhat we show. But why? (we show it).

  1. Draw attention
  2. Expressing ideas
  3. Protesting
  4. Denying the spirit
  5. Pure Aesthetics
  6. Provoking

According to Alison Lurie (1994) in his book The language of fashion, she says that a part from telling un if people are male o female? Clother also can tell un if you are interesed in sex, and if so what kind of sex. Even the most serious clothing way contains erotic indications, what could arouse hostile gossig or worse.

Acosta & Ulises Mérida, handbag.

For these reasons I wonder why is there so much effort into the eroticism of fashion and lifestyle?
My answer is:

  1. Because They consider us fool
  2. Because it is a narcotic
  3. Because It prevents us from thinking

References:Alonso, Marita. (2014). Teaching the nipple. ¿Gun politics or current fashion? Andreu, J. (2015). Mediterranean Rim. Borrallo, Lucía. Tweet.El Corte Inglés. Información corporativa. All retrieved February 15, 2015. Lurie, Alison. (1994). The language of fashion (1st Castilian.). Barcelona: Polity Press.Photos, Spring 2015 Collections. Courtesy of brands.


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