Estée Lauder and Russian Women’s Day

The brand steps up marketing efforts on March 8, International Women's Day. A date particularly marked red in the Russian calendar.

Abel Amón. 12/03/2015
Estée Lauder in Russia. Make clic to buy
Estée Lauder in Russia. Make clic to buy

March 8, quintessential holiday in Russia.The celebration of March 8 has a distinctly festive in Russia and large differences are seen in the way to celebrate there with what happens in Western countries.

First, the March 8 is always a holiday in Russia, which is not true for example in Spain. The day before, in the workplace a special stop to congratulate the female employees who receive flowers, beautiful words are pronounced and occasionally a small lunch is celebrated. At the end of the working day is observed that almost all women wear flowers or other small presents they have received from their colleagues.

The very day of celebration continues the festive atmosphere, waste of flowers and celebrations, this time at their homes.It is celebrated in Russia, not the day of working women (any of them is not?) but the day of All Women. Note that in countries of the former USSR are often women who take forward households, businesses and other labor and vital projects and serve the statistic that although worldwide women have a higher life expectancy than men, in Russia the difference is almost 10 years.

Although the origin of the festival is not Russian but American and the foundation of the party has clear protest connotations, the character of this festival is far from protest to pass the merely playful and festive as it happens almost always, are women themselves who are responsible for preparing the feast, lunch and dinner, although for once a year, will receive great attention, beautiful words, as I stated, small presents and many, many flowers.

Estée Lauder in Russia. Make clic to buy
Estée Lauder in Russia. Make clic to buy

The luxury industry is not immune to this trend, and this year in particular, we highlight the advertising and promotion of products Estée Lauderoriginal initiative as we see represented on their posters and flyers. Estée Lauder managers are quite satisfied with the behavior of the Russian market despite all the economic problems the country is facing since mid-2014, and we have explained many times in these pages.

Russia, a key market for Estée Lauder.In the words of its CEO Fabrizio Freda for “Fortune” at the end of last year:“Russia is obviously a volatile market. But we are doing very well there because we have a diversified portfolio of products there and of retail partners”. “Russia is softening because the economy is softening. But in the long-term, I still believe Russia will be a superlative market because women there are enthusiastic beauty consumers”.

Estée Lauder in Russia. Make clic to buy
Estée Lauder in Russia. Make clic to buy

The company figures its market trend were appropriately analyzed by our colleagues of Eurodeal and we refer to this exhaustive work here. Finally, we indicate that in recent weeks we have heard from Russia news of different sign. On the one hand there have been some progress in the ceasefire in Ukraine, and the ruble continued its advance, especially against the Euro (17% appreciation in a month).

However, both Russia and the West they were shocked by the murder of Boris Nemtsov, democratic politician opponent to Vladimir Putin, at the time when is not seen, at medium term, any relaxation in mutual economic sanctions.


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