Feng Shui as a Pot of Gold

Feng Shui exhibits a 9% rate of growth which guarantees a very bright future.

Beatrice Rangel. 17/12/2015

For many Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice entailing the harmonious mix of philosophy, science and art. Key to the practice is to understand energy flows so as to arrange objects to maximize quality of life through beneficial energy currents. Given that most mortals ignore the ways energy flows through the universe, they need to hire a consultant. And guess what are Feng Shui consultants receiving for their services worldwide?: over USD 500M.

Feng 2
Feng Shui room.

As East and West continue their unstoppable march to merge, eastern philosophy and practices are penetrating daily life in the US. Feng Shui which means «wind water» is together with yoga and Kabbalah studies one of the fastest growing such practices. The practice dating from the 3rd century B.C. has been enthusiastically adopted by Madonna and Paula Abdul thereby creating a wave of popularity in the West.

Feng 4
Feng Shui practice.

Earnings for Feng Shui consultants start at US$ 150 per hour going up to USD 2,500 per hour. Clients will hire Feng Shui Consultants so that they visit their home or office. The consultant will then identify ways so that items are arranged according to Feng Shui traditions and thus help them to flourish. The basic aim of this is to bring harmony and balance in the room.

Feng 3
Feng Shui objects.

Feng Shui has recently taken a jump from interior decoration and objet settings to architectural design. Ancient Feng Shui architecture strongly advocates keeping harmony between mankind and nature and closely aligns construction and the ecological environment, consistent with the concept of green building. According to true experts in this practice buildings design with the idea of facilitating energy flows can guarantee their dwellers abundance and health.

Feng 5
Feng Shui environment.

And many believers are preferring to buy more expensive properties as long as they are Feng Shui compliant. Feng Shui constructors are the uppest of the upper income scale and cater for multimillionaires. Properties they develop are good savings storage, as they preserve and enhance value throughout the passage of time. Thus the acquisition of Feng Shui compliant properties is recommended by most financial advisors to their clients. Feng Shui construction today represents only 2% of upper scale construction projects worldwide but exhibits a 9% rate of growth which guarantees a very bright future!!

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