Having a Charger at Hand

The travelers' habits that are foreseen for the future make, as a consequence, the hotels redefine their services.

Fernando Gallardo. 13/07/2017

The use of the landline phones in the hotel rooms has dropped significantly since the popularization of the mobile phone. That non-negligible complement of the hotel business —easier to manage than the mini bar goods— is going through its hardest times, and there is no evidence of it getting any better. On the contrary, the tendency leads to its extinction for all travelers have been provided with their small device.

Only provided with that? It is well-known that nobody travels with a trunk anymore. Not even the Saudi sheikhs, oblige to feed their harem, they carry with them or get someone to carry those heavy chests which used to show the pedigree of the old travelers. Today he will only carry a suitcase, the more practical the better, and since airports started being impossible when it comes to safety, the smaller and lighter the better.

The travelers’ habits that are foreseen for the future make, as a consequence, the hotels redefine their services. Those cars of the belle époque, pulled by the livery Seneschal, are now used as relics in the super luxurious hotels. Nowadays, the traveler carries directly his small luggage after having withdrawn the card from the counter-the reception desk. That crammed cosmetic bag and utensils for the ablutions have just been turned into a case with only a toothbrush, toothpaste, a comb, a nail clipper, some scissors and something extra.

The bathroom provides the guest with a cosmetic kit that gets more attractive and branded every time. What’s the purpose of traveling with a transistor stuck to your ear where in many suites they now offer a dock station? In the wardrobe, there is usually a bag for the dirty clothes, a cloth to clean your shows and even an ironing device for the night.

The boldest hotels place a small box of condoms on their night table. The most conscious ones have different gadgets for the woman’s beauty. The most fashionable ones, have a pillow case for the people who travel with their own pillow. The most countrified ones have some bags with dried flowers or naturals scents. The most technological ones have a voice-controlled command to even select the lighting environment of the room.

But very few hotels have the courtesy to place an electrical panel where to plug the laptop, the iPad or the mobile phone. And not to mention a set of universal chargers in the common areas where guests can charge the battery of their cellphones at will, no matter the brand or country of origin. How many people would have their trip made easier being able to forget the charger without having to worry if the plug is compatible in that place?

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