‘Instagramers’, ‘Youtubers’, ‘Tuitstars’ … a business to exploit!

CBS's legendary Sixty Minutes program has the "bad habit" of making spectacular reports, those that do not allow you to blink.

A few weeks ago Kim Kardashian appeared on Sixty Minutes, in prime time and the most followed weekly US news program! The mother, it wife, it tv star, it business seemed radiant talking about what it means to be the highest paid woman in the world for selling her life.

«You can not deny that it requires some talent,» Kardashian snapped at the interviewer. «No doubt!» He exclaimed. Kendall Jenner‘s older sister, with more than 160 million followers on Instagram and an estate that exceeds $ 100 million – about 95 million euros – was the star-studded starter for the millennials. That is Characters who triumph in social networks, and who have millions of fans and thousands of dollars of income per month.

Kendall Jenner, imagen de Mango 2016
Kendall Jenner

The name Kardashian is a business in itself, but more names have agents in Los Angeles, who represent them before the brands of which are their new ambassadors and for which they enter about 200,000 euros -188,600 euros per month. Indeed, by advertisement and by brand. They are the new interlocutors of the youngest, who tell our children what is fashionable, what they have to dress, what to eat and even with what razor shave when the time comes.

Portrait of King Bach (Andrew Bachelor)

They are influencers, like Andrew Bachelor, whose nonsense on YouTube has turned him into a superstar that even decides how to advertise the products of the brand that hires him. His case with the Dunkin Donuts franchise is the perfect example to explain how a young man dedicates his day to film videos (which he does with his free) ridiculous stories for which he pays about $ 100,000 a week.

When asked if his videos are worth what they paid him, he assured that «not at all, probably three times more, because nobody knows what their performances are worth.» This young man has 37 million followers and each day between 30,000 and 40,000. Apparently, you can enter $ 300,000 -282,813 euros- for a video on YouTube and more than 100,000 -94,271 euros- for a photo on Instagram.

Some reason must have because brands are, finally, taking social networks seriously as an active form of prescription and sales. Social networks are not only global but every time a person gives a like, companies know the age of that person, their tastes, the place of the world where they live and the purchasing power they have.

Chiara Ferragni, la influencer más importante del mundo fashion
Chiara Ferragni, the most important influencer in the fashion world

A like is worth much more, according to them than the largest audience that can be obtained with an announcement of a conventional television, because that I like more information about the possible buyer than any other means. It also indicates what kind of communication strategy should be used to segment the message and be much more efficient.

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