They started in Cadiz (Spain) with 3,000 euros and with the necessary attitude to get started in their new adventure.

Javier and Fidel Castro studied the publicity major but have ended up as luxury enterprisers. It is possible to have great ideas and to be able to compete in the clothing and accessories world, moreover, it is possible to do this with organic products –cotton in this case.

They started in Cadiz (Spain) with 3,000 euros and with the necessary attitude to get started in their new adventure.The idea was born in summer 2013 as an idea of designing and producing those products which made them smile, and have fun with it. They wanted to be able to share those products and show them to everyone, but until this year, the product was not a reality.

Marabunta S / S 2015

The Marabunta designs are created in Neosbrand, a graphic design, imagery, and branding studio, which was created by the Castro brothers, and where a team of enthusiasts works with creativity, color, nature, and brands capable of transmitting emotions.

The story of Neosbrand probably started many years ago, when “we both shared a room and pretended to create worlds from our imagination, where we were capable of make everything work together”, claims Javier. In the first months of 2010, they united after taking different jobs, to be able to create and imagine worlds of unique brands, which they hoped would be able to generate great experiences.

Marabunta S/S 2015

First, they created Neosbrand, and as claimed by Javier, “with this brand we seek to offer those products we would like to see in the streets, where we can apply everything we like. The first products we created were our shirts – made from organic cotton- although we would also like to see our designs in different products.”

Marabunta S/S 2015

Susana Castillo, also from Cadiz, joined the Castro brothers and has been part of the studio since the first day, showing special passion towards advertisement creativity and design. Kimberly Kembie, born in Netherlands, also joined them, and now lives half of the time in Spain, and the other half in her motherland.

Marabunta S/S 2015

All the Marabunta designs are made by them, and they try to come up with new designs for shirts and other products when they are not busy with other projects from clients. “We knew our products had to be quality products, and we were also concerned with nature and the impact our products could have on it. So after a lot of research, we found a supplier verified by fairwear (an independent organization that seeks to improve the conditions of the workers of the textile industry) and also by oeko-tex (a webpage which makes sure that the products used are compatible with skin).” With these suppliers, they were able to start their commercialization.

Marabunta S/S 2015

Like many entrepreneurs, they do not have a “business plan”, and probably will not have one until they find a “business angel”. For now, they think of their project as one “born out of passion, and doing what we like, and trying to inspire people to do what they like. [The project] was born from liberty and we will develop products that will be accepted in the market through very limited series.”

Marabunta S / S 2015

Their inspiration comes from trips and experiences to create and design. Without a doubt, the sea –very present in their designs- is a motif of the identity of their brand and their shirts. The images, color, font, and all those elements with which they work every day, are present in all of their individual projects. Marabunta was born to create and design unique products which are hopefully able to transmit happiness. We live in an era in which people care about the products they buy and consume, and care about these products having the less impact possible in nature, trying to preserve the environment. Maybe that is their key to success: love for nature and many hours of hard work.


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