No More Birkins

Jane Birkin asked Hèrmes to "rebrand" the iconic bag.

Jane Birkin Hermes 11
Jane Birkin with Hermès bag. (Photo: Marquis de Lannes)

Jane Birkin is breaking a 31 relationship with Maison Hermès, the quintessentially of luxury. «Having been alerted to the cruel practices endured by crocodiles during their slaughter for the production of Hermès bags carrying my name … I have asked Hermès Group to rename the Birkin until better practices responding to international norms can be implemented for the production of this bag,»  model and singer said. PETA notes that this comes in the wake of an investigation into alligator slaughter practices at the farms that supply the luxury label.

According to a statement released by PETA, Birkin was moved to action when she learned how crocodiles and alligators were harmed in the process of the bag’s production.

The documentary was air some days ago, and it showed a crocodile farm in Texas where the animals  are allegedly crammed into barren concrete pits before being «crudely hacked» to death. The campaign group said it takes two or three crocodiles to make one of the cherished handbags.

The Birkin bag is the «It» bag, handmade in France, it takes years – until six- in a waiting list in order to buy one. The prices ranking between the $ 7.000 to $200.000 like a vintage one sold in an auction in HK last June. It was «the most expensive bag in the world». 

Jane Birkin Hermes 22
Victoria Beckham and Tamara Ecclestone with Birkins (Photos: REX/Getty)

No celeb, no rich one can live without one… After the accusation, the french company released last night the following statement:

«Jane Birkin has expressed her concerns regarding practices for slaughtering crocodiles. Her comments do not in any way influence the friendship and confidence that we have shared for many years. Hermès respects and shares her emotions and was also shocked by the images recently broadcast.

An investigation is underway at the Texas farm which was implicated in the video. Any breach of rules will be rectified and sanctioned. Hermès specifies that this farm does not belong to them and that the crocodile skins supplied are not used for the fabrication of Birkin bags.

Jane Birkin Hermes 33
Birkin Bag by Hermès (Photo: AFP)

Hermès imposes on its partners the highest standards in the ethical treatment of crocodiles. For more than 10 years, we have organized monthly visits to our suppliers. We control their practices and their conformity with slaughter standards established by veterinary experts and by the Fish and Wildlife (a federal American organization for the protection of nature) and with the rules established under the aegis of the U.N.O, by the Washington Convention of 1973 which defines the protection of endangered species.​»

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