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Rimowa presents: The return of F13.

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The F13 Replica

On June 25, 1919, a small, six-seater passenger aircraft took off for the first time. It was a plane which was to revolutionize aircraft construction and form the foundation of modern air travel. After the end of the First World War, it was clear to German engineer and entrepreneur Hugo Junkers that the future of aircraft construction lay not in military but in civil aviation. However, in order to ensure the economic success of such commercial aviation, an aircraft would have to be designed which would make economic use of fuel, require few repairs and be safe, comfortable and durable.

The F13 was a cantilever low-wing aircraft. Together with the wing centerpiece, the fuselage formed a separate component with continuous tubular spars and corrugated iron paneling. The frame for the wings was formed from tubular spars, connected by riveted struts in a z-form and paneled with corrugated iron. The cockpit was open and had just a small windscreen at the front because the pilot had to fly by sight – blind flying instruments had not yet been invented.

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The F13 Replica

The F13 was used in almost all countries around the world that operated commercial aviation, and it quickly helped the Junkers aircraft construction company achieve international acclaim. In 1925, the F13 had a share of around 40 percent in the international traffic route network.

Last month Rimowa presents the only perfect F13 replica. Made for good and for fly, the company inaugurates their new business line. Ready for order, this amazing replica is a total new concept of luxury travel. Same heart, XXI century technology and 24 karats details in the inside.

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The F13 Replica

It took more than 9.000 hours of work, more than two years of planning and a lot of love to built, and since last July this perfect luxury replica – that allows you to travel in the Casablanca style – is on the market. Just take a look and transport yourself for real to the Gran Gatsby era. 20´s are back!

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