Sustainable Luxury, the Future of Fashion

Can you imagine a bag made of mushroom skin?

Can you imagine a bag made of mushroom skin? Organic cork shoes? Well, believe it because if you have the money you will pay hundreds of euros for the new sustainable fashion. Luxury multinationals, big ones like Kering Co are developing organic, natural, 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable business lines for the immediate future. It is the fashion with a conscience that also reaches the companies that control the biggest brands in the world.

Kering´s President, Francois-Henry Pinault

Kering´s President, Francois-Henry Pinault, gave an interview to Bloomberg last December explaining what his vision for the products of Great Luxury in the short-medium term was. The multinational company, which has 16 of the world-renowned luxury brands (including Gucci-Puma or YSL), has already started a whole new process in its production line to avoid products and materials harmful to the environment.

Rihanna pareció sobre la pasarela con un maxi abrigo de piel y zapatillas
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This process that will end in 2020 has as its philosophy the transformation of the new concept of Luxury in capital letters. A philosophy that began with the purchase of Puma, practically in bankruptcy and that at the moment is one of the signatures of clothes and sports complements of the new «luxury sports chic» of the world. The president of King claimed that its creative director, Jochen Zeitz convinced him to start the model change, a decision that is a success. «You can not sell expensive products that cause irreversible damage to our environment,» Henri-Pinault said in the interview.

Kering bet on farms of these snakes and crocodiles in Thailand to be sustainable

Of course, some «Star» products such as Gucci handbags made from python skin, which although not an animal at risk of extinction are left out, Kering bet on farms of these snakes and crocodiles in Thailand to be sustainable and customers know that animals do not die during their death. With the farms of these animals control the supply chain and do not depend on the suppliers deceive you when it comes to buying their skins.

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