Sweet Teeth are Chic again!!

Today candies rare part of young adults trip forward to the past.

Beatrice Rangel. 31/12/2015

Holidays are about presents, candies and parties. Up and until five years ago candies were the distinct and exclusive premise of children. But Millennials have changed that. Today candies rare part of young adults trip forward to the past. Indeed, candy stores nowadays are meeting points to socialize an reminisce about childhood.

Sweet 6
Dylan’s Candy Bar Store. Click to buy

Stores must thus be decorated with dream colors; fantasy furniture and magic sounds. A space with TV recordings that connect customers with the history of candy; candy based series and films and short candy commercials that flash them back to childhood and teen age while preserving the flavor palette of the present.

Sweet 2
Dylan Lauren, CEO de Dylan’s Candy Bar. Click to buy

The 34 Billion confectioners industry while led by Hersey’s. Mars; Lindt and Nestle is under siege by to aspiring and ascending stars: Dylan’s Candy Bar and Sugarfina. Dylan’s astounding success in Manhattan springs from the fact that you can drop by with you children who will enjoy all imaginable types of candy while also sipping with friends the store’s signature cocktails with comic strip names such as “Drunken Sour Patch” and “Jabber Jaw Swizzle” .

Sweet 3
Sugarfina co-founder Rosie O’Neill. (Photo: Vanessa Tierney)

Dylans Miami store is strategically located in Lincoln Road where Millennials parade every Friday in search of a real socializing space to escape from cyber space where they spend most of their week. Sugarfina, on its part, is renowned for its champagne gummy bears; its cocktails candies and its burgundy scented lollypops.

Sweet 4
Scandinavian candy manufacturer Sockerbit. Click to buy

The hype which has attracted Scandinavian candy manufacturer Sockerbit is poised to much up at least 10% of current margins from market leaders. And most probably their growth will spur the flourishing of house bound candy manufacturers capable of attracting local folks in every US corner. And, as these ventures sprout flavor variety will not only expand but become part of the idiosyncrasy of every town and city in the US.

Sweet 5
The Chocolate Factory, Johnny Deep.

This revolution, just as the Disney takeover of the entertainment industry, has its roots in a fairy tale. In the candy revival case it was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory magnificently starred by Johnny Deep. In that of Disney it was a little mouse.


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