Trunk Show, From the Runway to the Streets, Just for You

The Street becomes the runway almost a year after the designers set the trend.

Mamen Rodrigo. 20/05/2015
Trunk Show Ulises Merida May 2015

«Desire nothing is not living», Paul Geráldy. The time elapsed between looking at the creations on the runways and their landing on the streets, is the same time during which we want to have some of those pieces in our closet.

The Street becomes the runway almost a year after the designers set the trend and, the possibility of having some of the dresses seen months before becomes a reality, thanks to the exclusive opening of some of the ateliers of the designers who we are fans of.

Ulises Merida, madrid, Spain

It is time to make way for the wishes and meet them, it’s time to visit any of the Trunk Shows where, viewing the atelier, we can see why the creator chose one or another tissue and how he decided on the mannequin, to set the basis for a different, unique model; disruptive and sometimes clearly differential.

The possibility of acquiring a dress at the Trunk Show goes beyond the desire to own the piece, connects directly with the creative process of the designer, who assists you on your identification with him and his creation, and takes part in that dialogue and recommendations on how and why you decided to go for either color or shape.

El equipo de Ulises Mérida
Ulises Merida Team in Madrid Trunk Show

It is time to complete the summer clothing, it is also time to wear “runways” at parties and family events, and it is definitely time to fulfill our desires and purchase what we wanted. If we can also establish direct line with who thought, designed, cut and chose the fabric and the color to us, much better.


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