Victory Day, Ukraine and Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton and Elle have been involved in an unexpected controversy because of a cover story in the May issue in Ukraine.

Abel Amón. 21/05/2015
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On May 9th it was celebrated throughout Russia a marathon of parades commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Berlin fall into the hands of Soviet troops. Victory Day.

Such marathon culminated in an impressive parade on Red Square in Moscow where Russia wanted to show to their own citizens and to the rest of the world, its military potential . There were really spectacular moments in a parade on the other hand, did not have the presence of the world’s political leaders due to widespread criticism from Western countries to the role being played by Russia in the civil war in Ukraine. While it was shown the most sophisticated Russian weaponry, also took place a procession of 100 000 people carrying photographs of relatives who died during the war.

The cover of discord.The May issue of Elle magazine in Ukraine, was suppose to include a cover of actress Michelle Williams in a dress by Louis Vuitton in orange and black stripes, with a design that resembles the St. George ribbon, for quite time the symbol of the victory of the USSR. In fact Russia has produced millions of meters of band for so brilliant celebration.

On the website of Louis Vuitton we can see the model of discord, which has caused much discomfort, coinciding with Victory Day, for which the Ukrainians have chosen other symbols and celebrations apart from the Kremlin. A Louis Vuitton dress that appeared on the cover of Elle magazine has caused a scandal in Ukraine, to the point that some Ukrainian politicians have seen the hand of the Kremlin in the appearance of this cover. The April issue in the UK coincided with the same picture, although the Russian edition , another model was chosen: actress Eva Green, presented as ambassador L´Oréal International .Elle magazine finally due to discomfort caused both on the political class and social networks, decided to change May edition´s cover .

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenuk, who has repeatedly stated that Ukraine was instrumental in defeating the nazis, now wants to officially use a red poppy – «a symbol of Europe» – as the new Ukrainian sign of victory in WWII World rather than San Jorge tape used in Russia.

Famoso vestido de LV en las marquesinas de Kiev y en la web de la firma. Haz clic para comprar
Elle magazine poster on the streets of Kiev.

Million meters of Saint George´s ribbon.A simple tape with orange and black stripes that wear millions of Russians: the tape of St. George, which commemorates the victory of the Red Army against Nazi Germany, has become a symbol of patriotism advocated by the Kremlin. As paper poppies lapel in Anglo-Saxon countries, remember those who died for their country, millions of Russians took the tape of St. George during the commemorations of the 70th anniversary of the Allied and Soviet victory against Nazi Germany soldiers. The three Russian cosmonauts living in the International Space Station also wore the emblem. Other neighboring countries also contributed to the victory, have created alternative symbols. Belarus, a red and green (the national colors) ribbon and Ukraine a poppy.

St. Petersburg youth carrying a huge band of San Jorge. Photo: Irina Amón

A huge military parade with multiple messages.On May 9th paraded, 16,000 troops through Red Square in Moscow along with three intercontinental ballistic missiles were put on display exhibited, together with several hundred of planes and brand new models of tanks. Vladimir Putin emphasized the decisive role played by Russia in defeating Hitler, while criticizing the current US position by trying to create «an unipolar world, which does not consider the importance of true international cooperation».

Some of the medals he received the grandparents (four survived) Irina, my wife, at the end of the war. Photo: Irina Amón

The leaders of the United States, France, Britain and Germany did not attend, while Putin, hosted some other leaders as president of China Xi Jinping, but few other notables did assist. As Andrei Zorin, a historian of Russian culture, says “the decision of Western leaders will be seen by the Russians as a confirmation of their continuous struggle against the West”.

A part of the deserved and heartfelt tribute to those who died defending the world from Nazism, we find the idea of ​​showing the Russians and its potential enemies the huge military potential of the country. At a time of serious economic and diplomatic difficulties is a way of diverting the attention of many Russians which have lost part of their salaries and purchasing power due to the collapse of the Ruble, the maintenance of economic sanctions and the lack of effective response by the Russian government to solve these economic problems.


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