What the New Year will Bring to Luxury Goods

The new curse taken by China in its development journey will certainly also impact the west.

Beatrice Rangel. 29/12/2016

Just as the US economy has been since 1945 the world economic locomotive, Chinese affluence has been the fuel energizing the Luxury Goods industry over the past decade. But by 2013 it was obvious that the Chinese leadership had decided to switch gears from export promotion to aggregate demand creation. The public policy twist would soon impact foreign exchange access to emerging entrepreneurs and public companies’ leadership. This were the insatiable customer s for luxury goods from the West.

La marca de lujo busca nuevos clientes en Macao
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As foreign exchange access began to be restricted demand lost fuel and began to taper off. To the economic policy impact one must add the decision by President Xi Li Ping to crackdown on lavish expending and corruption. This will definitively postpone the day when China would surpass Japan to become the world’s second largest luxury market.

Chin 2
Luxury in China

The new curse taken by China in its development journey will certainly also impact the west. To be sure, a significant proportion of the global luxury sales impetus witnessed intaking place from 2014 to 2015 in the developed regions was fueled by wealthy visiting Chinese tourists. However, after the Chinese government devalued the renminbi in August 2015, China’s foreign spending power has taken a turn for the worse. And this analysis of the Chinese impact could not be complete without adding the fact that the Chinese economy is set to continue cooling.

millennials saltando
The Millennial backlash will however impact luxury goods unevenly

In the West, the scenario does not seem to be much more promising. As baby boomers continue to retire and the US economy while growing is not roaring, demand for luxury goods seems to be flat. Add to the mix the ascent of Millennials as a large consumer cohort and demand luxury goods could experience in 2017 a scissors effect situation. The Millennial backlash will however impact luxury goods unevenly. It will be strongly negative on apparel but positive in electronics and travel. Riding the Millennial wealth crest will definitively be two luxury activities.

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