Which Brand is Truly Exclusive?

Overall, when we speak on luxury products we refer to three basic characteristics: they are products based on excellent design with a very high quality, high prices and are, as a result of the above, very exclusive products.

Leeson. 06/01/2016

This formula clearly works. Just need to check the experiences of those brands that have tried to lower the exclusivity level to capture a wider audience. LVMH tried it and had to turn back to the evidence that the drop in sales that generated the feeling that it was no longer soexclusive was higher than revenues provided by other market segments. But the big question is … What brands are the most exclusive? Which of them can afford really prohibitive prices in order to maintain its exclusivity?

Prada 1
Prada Woman Sunglasses. Click to buy

To be able to analyze the differences between Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci andBurberry, it has been compared prices of similar products: men & women´s wallets, women´s scarfs, ties & belts.


Carteras Gráfico 1 inglés
Source: Bloomberg Intelligence

In wallets´ case, it is clear that by far Hermès places higher prices for its products, more than doubling the next competitors, Gucci and Burberry, with «more affordable» prices (compared to ranking leaders, of course).

Scarfs, ties and belts

Pañuelos Gráfico 2 inglés
Source: Bloomberg Intelligence

Both ties and scarfs differences are very small. Although Hermès also maintains higher prices, the fact is that the industry average is tight and does not allow definitive conclusions. In contrast, belts observe again clear price differences, especially between Hermès and the rest of the brands.

Hermès 2
Hermès Belts. Click to buy

Therefore, thanks to Bloomberg references, we can conclude that Hermès is the brand that cares the most for the exclusivity of its products through prices. Behind, far behind, Louis Vuitton stands and then there is little significant difference between Prada, Gucci and Burberry.


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