Winners and Losers in the Great Survey of Luxury

Large luxury companies suffer deterioration in theiroverall value, with some exceptions.

Leeson. 01/06/2015
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One more year the Brand Zreport makes winners and losers in the luxury industry. This survey is based on interviews with more than 3 million consumers and includes analysis of the evolution of companies, shows a clear deterioration of the value of the 10 largest companies in the industry. These 10 companies would bevalued at $105 billion, representing $7.1 billion less than a year ago, a decrease of 6%, which contrasts with the advance of 16% during the previous year. The drop in demandin some of the markets that have led the growth in recent years, as China and Russia, is behind the loss of value in the industry

However, as in any self-respecting ranking, there are winners and losers. Among the winners one brands tands above the rest: Louis Vuitton. The French company leads the standings for the 10th consecutive year and also increased his lead with the rest, because in the last year its value increased by 6% to $27.4 billion. Chanel shows the fastest growing among the largest brands, up 15% to over $9 billion. Thusit placed in fourth place, behind LV, Hermes and Gucci.

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According to the report, which coincides with general market opinions, Chanel has benefited from its unique approach and the decision to harmonize prices across regions. Meanwhile, LouisVuitton was also driven by its exclusive focus and the successful revitalization of its brand,which has included a fresh revampof the LV monogram.

On the downside Prada highlights, with a collapse of 35% of its value that puts it in 7th place ranking with just over $6.5 billion.It has been greatly penalized by lower Asian demand, source of more than a third of its revenues. Also fell Cartier, Gucci and Hermes (15%, 14% and 13% respectively).

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Other trend showed by the report is the positioning of companies with a new profile, more ubiquitous and popularly priced luxury brands. We talk about Burberry, the eighth with $5.7 billion, and Michael Kors, which enters the top 10 for the first time. It places in ninth place with just over $3.8 billion, just ahead of another company which is new in this ranking, Tiffany.

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