12 Christmas’ Gifts for the Bearded Man!

The truth is, every season we get surprised by the new beard decoration ideas. Last year it was all about Christmas balls ornament to wear on your beard, this year it’s the Glitter all over your beard.

If you’re looking for an expert in the world of beard ornament, there is no doubt you are looking for the guy behind the tumblr account “Will it beard”. As for the glitter thing, the duet “The Gay Beards” has been posting some super cool photos on their Instagram account.

La originalidad de la barba navideña de Will it Beard
The originality of the Christmas beard Will it Beard

But with or without ornament, this christmas season you should wear your beard clean, hydrated and tidy. So, to avoid mistakes and to get the desired success these holidays, i prepared the perfect Christmas basket for a bearded man where you will find the best products to take care of your beard and also some other useful  ideas for the perfect gift.

Plumas, glitter... ¡Nada se les resiste a The Gay Beards!
Feathers, glitter … Nothing resists them to The Gay Beards!

Beard Shampoo and Soap. As I told you in my previous article, it is very important to clean your beard due to all the dirt that can hide inside of it: Liquids, food, sweat, smoke… This is why, it is very necessary the use of shampoo or soap bars to clean your beard, hydrate it together with your skin. Always go for natural and hypoallergenic products. Here’s some examples:

  • Soap Bar Alonso de la Torre: A soap bar produced from premium quality vegetable oils (Palm, coconut, and olive). It is made of Argan oil, Jojoba and Tea tree, ideal for hydration and smells really good.  You can buy it on the e-store for the price of 14.5€ where you can also find many other interesting packs.
  • The Macho Soap bar: With its traditional aspect, this bar deep cleans and hydrates your beard. It is 100% natural and mixes the addictive fragrances of lemon, lavender and thyme. You can buy it here for the price of 22.5€.
Shampoo Malayerba (above) and Special Soap Beard  Macho Soap (below)
  • Velarde Beard Shampoo by Malayerba: A special liquid soap that comes in a practical bottle.100% natural, vegan and hand made by nutritive and essential oils. You can buy it here for the price of 16€.

Oils and coditioners: Also in the previous article i explained the importance of hydrating our facial hair so it grows healthier and stronger. Here are some products to help you with this task:

Aceite para barba Beard
Beard Beardbrand oil to condition and moisturize
  • Beardbrand UK: With a wide line of speacial oils for beard, beardbrand offers the man a selection of high quality products to hydrate the beard. Their prices go from 14.99 £ (almost 21€) to 39.99 £ (55.5€) and you can buy check them here.
  • Classy, by Santa Barba: Classy is a spiced oil with a touch of Wood and a mix of anti-ageing ingredients that help eliminate the toxins and stimulate the blood circulation. It is the line I’ve been using for a while now and am very happy with the result. You can buy it here for the price of 18€.
balsamo santa barba
Classy, by Santa Barba.
  • Strong Tonic Balsam by Mr Green Eyes: This balsam is formulated with hydrating components that help softening and shaping your beard. It smells like heaven thanks to the mix of vanilla and lemon fragrances. You can buy it for 19.95 € clicking here.
balsamos barba copia
Mr Green Eyes (below) and Macho Beard Company (up)
  • Macho Beard Company’s Natural Balm: We are talking about one great balm that, in addition to hydration, it helps you styling your beard thanks to its soft fixing power. Indispensable in my quotidian toilette, for the price of 19.9€ and you can buy it here.

Waxes for beard and mustache: Give form, shape and style to your beard and moustache is very important. I will recommend you different waxes so you can shine like authentic gentlemen:

  • Soft wax by Macho Beard Company: The soft wax for moustache by Macho Beard Company neutralises the odours, nourishes and hydrates your moustache. You can also try to apply a small quantity on your beard; you will be surprised by the result. You can buy it here for the price of 14.75€ .
Cera y
Wax Macho Beard (top) y Monteleón de Malayerba (below).
  • Monteleón wax by Malayerba: We are talking about a wax with high fixation powers thanks to the Arabic gum ingredient.100% Natural, handmade, contains Siberian Pine, sweet orange and bee wax. You can buy it here for the price of 10€.

The Basics for a bearded man: Shampoos, oils and waxes are not the only things you need, other “gadgets” will make your life easier. 3 more ideas to conclude the perfect Christmas basket

Un kit para barba, una divertida taza 'barbuda' y un cepillo. Tres regalos de 10
A kit for beard, a funny mug ‘bearded’ and brush.
  • Beard Brush by Casa Ciutad: It is very important to brush our beard to distribute the correct amount of the product all over the facial hair and to avoid the knots. To do so, you can own the fantastic special brush for beard from Casa Ciutad, made of natural bristles of wild boars. You can get it for the price 6.5€ by clicking here.
  • Beard Kit by Remington: We, bearded guys, do trim our beards as well to get rid of the split ends, correct the shape… All this is easier with the Beard Kit by Remington that includes a trimmer with 3 different heads and many other useful tools. It has a reduced price of 34.99£ (48.6€) and you can buy it here.
Un libro 'sólo para barbudos. El mejor regalo. Cómpralo aquí
The “No sin mi Barba” Book. Click to buy
  • The “No sin mi Barba” Book: It’s a guide for the bearded movement and a useful instrument for those who want to begin a new bearded experience. Treated with humour, illustrated by Alfonso Casas and written by myself, edited by Lunwerg and can be bought here for 15.15€.

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