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The first beauty drinks enriched with Macro-Antioxidants.

The Luxonomist. 25/04/2016

The ground-breaking launch of Beauty & Go is the result of a joint venture between two renowned family-owned Spanish companies:Natura Bissé, a trend-setter in the world of luxury cosmetics, and AMC Innova, the scientific division of AMC Group and a leader in the research and development of functional beverages and the principals of natural bioactives.

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This remarkable discovery is based on science and research, born of the realization that the benefits of topical cosmetics experience an exponential increase in efficacy when beauty treatments are delivered from “within” the skin.

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In order to effectively fight ageing and enjoy beautiful, healthy skin, it is vitally important that a diet include bioactives from natural sources. Aware of this, the two companies pooled their expertise and launched 4 specific beauty drinks for each type of need that skin has:Skin-Revive, Vitality, Radiance and Detox. Thanks to its extraordinary benefits, this new and effective path to beautiful skin has become the best supplement to topical cosmetic treatments.

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The research department at Natura Bissé, a trend-setter in the world of luxury cosmetics with more than 35 years of experience in skin care, has long been aware that beauty treatments should be about more than applying cosmetics. Comprehensive beauty treatments must combine quality topical cosmetics and healthy habits, including a smart, balanced diet that provides the specific bioactives needed for healthy, well-treated skin. With this in mind, Natura Bissé asserts that a holistic treatment requires both cosmetics and nutricosmetics.

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During her constant search for innovative, revolutionary active ingredients, Patricia Fisas, board member and Director of Marketing and Product Development for the Natura Bissé group, came across a scientific article written by Dr. Fulgencio Saura, a researcher at theCSIC (Spanish National Research Council)and a member of AMC Innova’s International Scientific Committee. In the article, Dr. Saura discussed the crucial importance of “including in one’s diet the bioactive molecules present in the skin of fruit in order to effectively fight skin ageing caused by the attack of free radicals”.

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That was when Patricia learned that AMC Innova, following years of research in food science, process technology and new product development, and in collaboration with Dr. Saura and the CSIC, had been able to extract those molecules, trademarked and patented as Macro-Antioxidants. They had found a way to keep the remarkable anti-ageing properties while at the same timeeliminating the naturally-occurring sugarsand preserving a fresh, pleasant taste.


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