A Good Oral Hygiene Protects Your Health

One of the most demanded treatments in odontology is the professional dental cleaning.

Doctor Jorge Escobar. 11/11/2015

In our mouth there is leftover food, tartar and germs that can produce infections and some of them can end up in loosing dental pieces. They can also produce heart, digestive and respiratory problems. Because of these reasons it is fundamental to get a professional cleaning at least once a year or even every six months, depending on the kind of saliva we have. A dental cleaning is necessary to maintain our gums and mouth healthy. Brushing our teeth, the use of dental floss and mouthwashes are important routines, but visiting the dentist in a regular basis is also fundamental.

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If the cleaning process isn’t well done, it can generate serious problems in our oral health.

¿What is oral hygiene?
Dental prophylaxis is a procedure with a very important role to prevent several dental illnesses. It consists in taking off all the tartar and stains in our teeth or underneath our gums. This process takes 30 to 40 minutes and it is important to get an expert to do it because if the cleaning process isn’t well done, it can generate serious problems in our oral health. 

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The specialist uses a pressure water jet mixed with especial bicarbonate.

¿How is it done?
Generally, the procedure to do a professional dental cleaning is this:

  1. The dentist spots the affected areas to treat them.
  2. The bacterial plaque and tartar are taken off, especially the one underneath the gums, because it is the responsible of the periodontal illness. To do this, an ultrasonic tool is used and also curets designed for it.
  3. Also, the specialist uses a pressure water jet mixed with especial bicarbonate which function is to eliminate tobacco, tea, wine, soft drinks stains.
  4. Teeth are polished using a fluoride and whitening toothpaste to improve the appearance of the smile.
  5. To finish, an anti-inflammatory gel is applied and the patient receives recommendations about how to maintain a good and proper dental hygiene.


Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde

This is the basic cleaning. Nevertheless, odontology has evolved so much recently and there are innovative and more complete dental cleaning methods. One of the most demanded ones because of their success in patients is the deep cleaning, called Dental Spa. It is done with ultrasounds, the application of Easyjet Pro, a compact whitening flow of bicarbonate crystals and fluoridation to avoid sensitivity. Moreover it offers a complete revision including the necessary diagnostic tests.

Oral 1
One of the most demanded ones is the deep cleaning, called Dental Spa.

Either you follow a regular and perfect dental hygiene or you haven’t visit the dentist recently it is always a good moment to get a professional cleaning. Your teeth and gums will be very thankful.

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