Be Careful with Summer Sports!

The free time during holidays invites us to practice leisure sports, increasing the dangers associates to injuries and dental traumatisms.

Marisa Nufrio. 17/08/2016

Swimming, diving or just going out with your bike is some activities commonly practiced in summer that can be seen inoffensive but they carry a risk of possible hits or falls. Dentists’ schools affirm that during summer there is an increase of the probabilities of suffering a dental traumatism, so it is a problem that has to be observed, especially during this season. Sports with major risk are those that imply abrupt movements, like aquatic sports, because of the components of the water in swimming pools or the pressure of the sea.

Sport 3
Chlorine alters the levels of pH of the water

Staying a lot of time in a swimming pool can be negative for the teeth, ever more if the water isn’t at the optimum grade of chlorination. Chlorine alters the levels of pH of the water, making them superior than the saliva’s. This is how to contribute to the decomposition of the proteins that work in our mouth, and with it, it helps to de accumulation of bacteria in our teeth. These deposits generate the tartar of the swimmer, especially in the incisors, the more exposed dental pieces to the chemical of the water.

Usar una férula protectora es esencial para los deportistas
Oral protectors are used adequately for risky sports.

Diving fans also are in risk of suffering dental injuries. The pressure of the water or the one produced by the air regulators when descending big distances can provoke problems in the jaws or gums. This kind of traumatism is increased if the person presents caries previously, pain in the gums or dental fillings. Most of these issues are avoidable if the oral protectors are used adequately that are made for risky sports.

Sport 2
Check with your dentist if you have any doubts before practicing a sport

However, if the loose of any dental piece happens or is damaged, it is possible to save the saliva under the tongue protects it and if we go immediately to the dentist in the next 30 min. You can also conserve it in a glass with milk during the same time. In any case, the most effective way to avoid possible hits is to ask your dentist about the caution to take before practicing any sport. This way you can be sure you have a healthy mouth and you can use summer time to show your best smile.

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