Christmas, sweet Christmas…

Who doesn’t like walking around the streets enjoying this Christmas atmosphere that you can breath in every corner?

Marisa Nufrio. 21/12/2016

Cities light at the same time as we do, excited with this period of time, and starting to finish the gifts. It is also the time of family reunions and of course, the feared dessert… No doubt, this is a very special time but also a very damaging period for our oral health. In Christmas, the intake of sugar is multiplied and probably this time is when we neglect more our oral health due to the lack of routine and that we spend more time out of home.

This is a very special time

We have the costume of ending up every celebration with an infinite variety of sweets (nougats and pastry) besides coffee and/or tea, the kind of food that damage our teeth and gums. On the other hand, and even if it seams to be difficult or even impossible, not to toast in these special days, it is important to know that wine and champagne are very harmful to our enamel, same as it happens with tobacco. We shouldn’t forget about sugared drinks. It is in these days, more than ever, when we should control and try to not exceed the intake of damaging substances to our smile.

In Christmas, the intake of sugar is multiplied

To fight these excesses and enjoy a healthy smile, we recommend the intake of proteins, vitamins A, C, D y K, same as food rich in calcium like nuts, green veggies and fishes like salmon. Even though experts in oral health do understand that, even if we try hard, bad habits increase during Christmas, we believe that it is very important to visit your dentist after this period of time.

Shailene Woodley
To look after our mouth and our smile, we should visit our dentist

From Smylife, we propose our exclusive Dental Spa, as the perfect oral hygiene treatment to correct all these excesses made after the celebrations. It is an oral cleaning based in ultrasounds, which counts with the application of EasyJetPro (a natural whitening flow of propelled bicarbonate crystals) and a fluoridation to avoid sensitivity. We should not forget that, to look after our mouth and our smile, we should visit our dentist, even more after this sweet Christmas.

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