¿Do you practice any sport? Always take care of your teeth

Running, swimming, boxing, play football or just going for a walk are activities that imply risks if we haven’t a good physical condition.

Doctor Jorge Escobar. 16/09/2015

With September’s arrival and the return to our daily routine we go through many changes. It is the key moment to think about goals and changes. In between them, sports. Most of the people choose this hobby to feel younger, healthy, renew and to go back on shape through exercise. Sports as a physical activity demands a healthy body status to get the best performance and reach all the goals. This is important because it doesn’t matter if you play sports as a hobby or in a professional way, you need to count on facts we live with day a day and can even cause oral health problems. We talk about heights, water’s chlorine, dehydration, miracle diets and physical overexertion.

Soft Drink 1

  • Say no to energy and soft drinks

Alimentary complements moreover for people who practice high performance sports or the one who want to improve, are more likely to suffer caries or dental wear because of the dehydration. Water is the best drink to keep hydrated and to avoid oral dryness. The best choice is to avoid energy drinks that contain sugars and a low PH.


  • Chlorine and chemical components.

Chemical elements that we can find in swimming pools weaken enamel and make it look yellow. Even the atmospherics pressures that alpinists and submariners suffer make them feel tooth pain. Which is recommended in the first case is to brush your teeth after each training session and in case of mountain and sea lovers you should try to go up and down gradually, with small pressure changes.


  • Optimephysis performance

People with bruxism, we mean, with a bad oral occlusion, normally creak their teeth when they exercise because of the effort and the strength used. Moreover, it decreases the number of positive results. Oral pathologies act straight away altering the set-up. To get a good performance you should take care of your teeth with periodic reviews.

Ejercicio 2

  • Contact sports.

Rugby, boxing or martial arts are some of the riskier sports for our teeth. Try always to protect your mouth and use gum shields. Even in basket or soccer can cause the loose of a tooth. If it happens, avoid using home-made remedies or the auto-medication to calm the pain. Go straight to your dentist to check it and replace the damaged piece.

You already know it, practice your favourite sport but always protect your smile.

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