Excessively Artificial Smiles, Yay or Nay?

The obsession with having perfect smiles leads to very wrong results in issues like colour, form and position.

Marisa Nufrio. 28/09/2016

Having a radiant smile is essential, but it has to be also natural. When your teeth seem artificial, in general, they are not attractive to people because it is not what they are used to see. This becomes more evident in some celebrities, who want to wear a superstar smile whatever it takes, without taking into consideration aspects such as facial features, their colour of skin and, ultimately, their body anatomy.

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The teeth must be well aligned to get a nice smile

The obsession with having perfect smiles leads to very wrong results in issues like colour, form and position that at first sight may look better than the old ones. Dental pieces have to be perfectly aligned at any time but not provoking a defect on the bite to get it. It would affect the whole jaw, same as the general facial structure.

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We must analyze every mouth before designing a smile

The nature of the mouth is the first thing you must consider when designing your smile. In the aesthetic dentistry, as in all related with the body, there is a trend to establish them same cannons for all, when actually it is more appropriate to highlight the own particular features of each patient and their own personality. This process starts by considering the proportions between the different teeth and its relationship with the rest of the face.

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The ideal smile should be in perfect harmony with the body

The optimal result is obtained when the smile has a natural look in perfect harmony with the body and does not look like a prefabricated denture. To get it, investment in new techniques applied to dentistry is the key. With technologies like SmyDesign we can already design the perfect smile for everyone, adapting to their characteristics and needs. In addition, you can observe and modify in real time, through a simulation of the mouth’s design. So that, it is possible to get more accurate results and develop the appropriate treatment in the most efficient way.

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Smiling without fear is possible

Therefore any treatment must be reviewed by a professional dentist who knows perfectly each one of the elements of your mouth. This way, you will avoid any disappointment and you can smile without fear that your mouth seems an isolated unit within the elements of your face.

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