Five Basics if You Use Orthodontics

You can buy them at a drugstore or department store and help you keep a smile 10 before and after dental treatment.

Doctor Jorge Escobar. 25/11/2015
Cuida tu boca con especial cuidado si llevas ortodoncia

Orthodontics is the main treatment to get teeth aligned correctly and to solve some aesthetic issues. At this point in time, there is no doubt about the importance of a good oral hygiene not just to keep it healthy but also to look after our image. Nevertheless, the daily cleaning routine changes for those using orthodontics. It doesn’t matter if someone uses a fixed or a removable orthodontics, it will be necessary to be especially careful in their daily oral cleaning process. This kind of treatment can make it so difficult for a toothbrush to reach all corners of the mouth.

Luce una sonrisa perfecta gracias a productos especiales para ortodoncia
Luce una sonrisa perfecta gracias a productos especiales para ortodoncia

There are products, specifically made for these cases; they help with oral cleaning allowing the patient with orthodontics to follow a completely normal oral hygiene.

Cepillo interdental de Interprox. Cómpralo aquí
Interdental brush

Interdental brush. It is a smaller toothbrush, with an enlarged and thin head, which permits the cleaning in between teeth and can be introduced in the gaps between brackets where food normally gets stacked.

Colutorio Clorhexidina de Lacer. Aquí lo puedes comprar
Clorhexidina Mouthwash by Lacer 

Mouthwash. Right after the brushing, the use of a mouthwash is essential to eliminate bacteria and micro-organisms that cause caries and bad breath, so that we can take under control the inflammation of the gums, a very common pathology in people with orthodontics.

Cera dental especial para ortodoncia de Vitis. Compra aquí
Vitis dental wax 

Dental wax. This Kind of wax, characteristic because of its transparency and its easy malleability, is placed over the brackets to avoid them to produce an excess of gall with any part of the mouth. Its use is almost non-visible to our eyes. Between its functions: it relieves the area and avoids the possibility of wounds or sores to appear that normally can lead to infections.

Aquí puedes comprar este hilo dental con cera de Colgate
Colgate Dental floss 

Dental floss. Perfect for occasions when even the traditional brush or the interproximal can’t clean completely every gap and area between teeth, the dental floss can help to complete this task. Choose it rigid or a waxed one for an efficient glide in between teeth.

Irrigador bucal de Oral-B para ortodoncia. Aquí lo puedes comprar
Oral-B Oral irrigator 

Oral irrigators. It is a dispositive that ejects pressurized water through a very thin orifice. It is very similar to the instruments that dentists normally use when they do any kind of cleaning, but in this case it is adapted in size to be used at home. The oral irrigator permits a very deep and soft cleaning of our teeth. Pressurized water reaches inaccessible areas with a manual toothbrush. It is introduced with no issue between brackets, getting rid of any food debris or bacterial plaque.  We can’t forget that this isn’t a substitute of teeth brushing; this is a complement of the whole process.

All these products can be found in supermarkets, malls and pharmacies. Its use is very simple and it will become your perfect ally if you use orthodontics and you want to keep a 100% clean and healthy smile.


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