Gingivectomy, an Increasingly Common Procedure  

People are increasingly coming to our clinic worried about what is called a gingival smile.

Marisa Nufrio. 11/05/2016

This happens when the amount of gum showed during a smile is too much. The optimum smile line should reveal the smallest amount of gum, showing in a balanced and harmonic way with respect to the upper lip. In this sense there are three types of smile: low smile, where the lower lip exposes no more than the 75% of the upper teeth; medium smile, the lips movement reveals in between the 75% and a 10% of the upper teeth; and upper or gingival smile, where upper teeth are completely exposed and more than 3 mm of the gum can be seen.

Jennifer Garner, una de las famosas que ha dicho adiós a la sonrisa gingival
Jennifer Garner

In severe cases, it can increase the risk of having periodontal illnesses; nevertheless, the main problem these patients suffer from, is normally aesthetic. In so many occasions, people who have upper or gingival smile don’t feel comfy with themselves, so that, they try to smile less or cover it, suffering a loose of self-esteem, lack of security…

¡Sonríe sin complejos!
Beautiful smile.

The gingival smile can be provoked due to different causes, like short teeth, which happens because when they are erupted, the gum doesn’t retract and it covers part of the tooth crown; upper teeth overeruptioned, due to a lack of contact with the lower teeth, we talk about deep bite; prominent upper maxillary; or a short upper lip or with a lot of mobility, so when smiling it is moved excessively to the top, and it can be associated with any of the causes above.

Olvídate del dolor para lucir unos dientes perfectos
The gingivectomy isn’t a severe problem

It is a relatively common pathology; around the 27% of the population suffer from it. However, thanks to the latest techniques and odontology advances, it isn’t a severe problem. The optimum solutions vary depending on the causes, but one of the most common is the gingivectomy, a local surgery in the area to remodel the gingival margins and create a more harmonic and balanced, symmetric and beautiful new smile.

Tener una sonrisa perfecta ahora es más fácil e indoloro
A perfect smile is easier

With this easy intervention it is possible to reduce the periodontal bag, it means, the space between gum and teeth. This technique can also be accompanied by other treatments like ceramic veneers or the coronary enlargement. It is a simple and painful free procedure, made just with local anaesthetic and with immediate visible results.

If you suffer from gingival smile, do not worry, visit your dentist so they can evaluate you case and establish the best treatment according to your needs. Do not let anything be between you and your smile!

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