How to Look After Your Teeth During Christmas

The arrival of Christmas time doesn’t mean a change in our oral or periodontal health if we follow the following tips.

Doctor Jorge Escobar. 23/12/2015

Christmas is already here and it comes full of business parties and friends and family reunions. These are days when we usually change our daily routines and we confront this period of the year in a more relaxed way. But, do risks for our mouth increase during Christmas? In fact, sweets, extremely hard products like some nougats and seafood are present in every celebration and because of this reason if we don’t act cautiously, our oral health can suffer a lot.

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During Christmas, our oral health can suffer a lot.

Orthodontics treatments
People wearing orthodontics must be especially careful with food like hard nougats or seafood with shell or carapace to avoid possible damages and to keep a good oral hygiene. Having a small kit with a toothbrush, tooth paste, an interproximal brush and dental floss will be your best ally. And for those using orthodontics braces and download dental splints, it is a must to not forget them at home and always put them on, because they tend to wear down if we don’t use them.

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Keep a good oral hygiene.

During Christmas time sugar is present in a big amount of sweets such as nougats, shortbreads or marzipan. The best option is to control its consumption, avoid the excess and keep a good oral hygiene after eating them to avoid caries and periodontal illnesses. Maintain our daily routine when brushing our teeth is probably the most important step in this case. On the other hand, if you are going to be away for a long period of time remember to carry with you your small oral kit.

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Drink a lot of water to empower the saliva flow and the hydration of our oral mucosa.

To this lack of oral hygiene problem during holidays it is added the increase of alcohol and tobacco intake. To avoid bad breath in addition to keep a good oral hygiene, it is very important to drink a lot of water to empower the saliva flow and the hydration of our oral mucosa.

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Whether you just had a dental extraction or if you got recently an implant or a dental crown you have to know that during the first hours and days after this process, the area is very sensitive. It means that we have to be careful with the kind of food we intake to avoid bleeding again or the appearance of infections. Moreover, avoid medication without prescription and always look for professional help before taking any decision by your own.

At the end of this holiday’s period it is recommendable to visit the dentist to get a complete revision. And remember; never neglect your smile and enjoy Christmas.

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