I am invisible. The non-visible orthodontic

The last tendencies in dental aesthetics will help you to get the teeth you dreamed about, without wearing those ugly brackets.

Doctor Jorge Escobar. 05/06/2015
The dental correction is no longer reserved for the smallest of the house

A beautiful smile brings self-esteem and confidence; moreover, it illuminates and lights up the face. A beautiful smile gives confidence and security in yourself; also it illuminates and gives light to the face. How would it be an ideal smile? The invisible orthodontic corrects the alignment and the bite in a way that it seems there is nothing on your teeth. The most common cases are misplaced jaw bites, the teeth are right placed but the upper and lower jaw don’t fit properly and the dental occlusion is defective, it means, mounted and crooked teeth.

Alignment problems in teeth can be inherited, as a consequence of an injury or even due to a fast or late loss of teeth. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and at the moment, there are new treatments provoking an aesthetic revolution. Because of this reason, invisible orthodontic is now open to adults who were avoiding traditional brackets.

The digital invisible orthodontics is a series of invisible removable aligners that are changed every 15-20 days

Many smiles are already fixed thanks to this invisible orthodontic. In our clinic, 3 out of 5 patients using these treatments are older than 25 years old. The dental correction is no longer reserved just for kids and little by little, people from different ages already know the magic of smiling with freedom. A big diversity of patients, where there are some of the ones who couldn’t get this correcting treatment when they were young or those ones who feel the need of getting their mouth healed.

But, What is exactly invisible digital orthodontic? They are a group of aligners almost invisible and removable that have to be changed for a new one every 15-20 days approximately. Each aligner is designed and is made specifically for your teeth. As you change the aligner, your teeth will be moving and step by step, week by week, until they get straight and on their final position. The invisible orthodontic can be removed easily every moment, for the daily cleaning or any reason and the placement process is minimally invasive and painless.

The invisible brackets can be easily removed at any time

Moreover, due to the innovation in the dentistry field it is possible to get to know from the beginning, the final results even before starting the treatment, and watch its evolution through a virtual set up. The arc diagnostic tests give us the most precise information of the mouth’s anatomy and the software simulates the teeth’s movement so that the teeth can be correctly placed, avoiding any kind of mistake. There are several technics now a days, but, with SmySecret, the time is reduced using active biomechanical systems permitting the application of another kind of strengths in the orthodontic. SmySecret is also see-through and goes unnoticed, placing it from the lingual area or the inside of the mouth, or with transparent systems if they need to be placed in the external area.

To finish getting a perfect smile it is needed to wear retainers at night, very similar to the aligners and which function is to stop the teeth’s natural movement and avoid the smile to go back to the place it was before the treatment.

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