Implants in Just One Day? SmyOne Makes it Posible  

The loss of teeth can lead to big problems, not only aesthetically, but also physically.

Marisa Nufrio. 13/04/2016

The loose of dental pieces is more common than we think, it doesn’t matter if it is because a traumatism or as a consequence of an illness or an oral complication. This fact, sometimes, can produce physical complex in the person who suffers it, insecurity or a loose of confidence, because as we know, the smile is a fundamental part of our face.

Presume de sonrisa con unos dientes perfectos
Having a perfect smile is possible

There are different causes to this problem. Among the most common, we find gingivitis and periodontics, that in extreme cases, the teeth can end up falling because they lose their attachment because the gum is damaged. Not keeping a good oral hygiene, smoking, diabetes, arthritis or hypertension are also other risk factors that increase the chances of losing a tooth.

Contar con una buena salud dental es fundamental para nuestra salud general
You must have good oral health

It isn’t just about an aesthetic defect; the lack of a dental piece in our mouth can bring and/or be a consequence of severe health problems. When we lose a tooth, a lot of changes happen that affect our mouth. Having empty spaces, the rest of teeth can suffer movements generating new issues.

Talking and pronunciation modifications or pain are some of the most common consequences. Later on, moreover, the bone can get as lost as it is impossible to restore it. Because of this reason, it is important to go and visit a professional to get a good diagnosis of each case and determine which the most accurate treatment is.

Ahora es posible hacer implantes en un único día
Now it is possible to implant in a single day

Implants are the best solution to replace these missing dental pieces. With the digital system of implantology SmyOne, which combines the best dental technology in implant planification and prosthesis design, it is already possible to place the implants and the provisional fixed tooth the same day that the tooth extraction is done. In this way, especially when the patient has all the needed requirements to assure a good result of the treatment, everything can be done without waiting, in a single act.

Smyone es la técnica revolucionaria de implantología digital
Smyone is the revolutionary technique of digital implantology

SmyOne permits to minimize the risks, plan the placement of the implants in the best position from all points of view (aesthetic-prosthetic and biologic) before the surgery, same as allocating the piece in the desired place, with the best agulation and exact deepness as they were planned thanks to its guided surgery system.

Definitely, thanks to the last technics in dental implantology and the advances of odontology, the loose of a dental piece is not a problem anymore. It is important, anyway, to visit a professional as soon as possible to solve it before it gets severe and show an unapologetic smile.

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