Look after your smile… also in summer!

During summer, we all want to show a beautiful smile, at the beach, mountain or simply when we go for a walk.

Marisa Nufrio. 20/07/2016

However, the lack of a routine when we are on holidays affects also our daily oral hygiene. In this season decontrol is the king and it can affect our smile for the following months or even years. To protect our teeth from the dangers of the summer we have to follow some tips and specially, visit the dentist to get informed about the possible hidden damage that our mouth could suffer even if we don’t see them. Only this way it can be avoided to make the most common mistakes when looking after our teeth and we will know each moment the status of our oral health.

En verano, no olvides tu rutina de higiene bucal diaria
In summer, do not forget your daily oral hygiene routine

In between the necessary cares during summer, applicable also during the rest of the year, we should specially avoid the abuse of soft drinks or very acid juices. It isn’t a secret that the sugar present in the majority of soft drinks end up damaging our teeth is we don’t control it properly. The same happens with cold drinks, because abrupt temperature changes affect our gums, especially if they are sensitive to ice creams, soft drinks or ice.

El vino tinto puede cambiar el color de nuestros dientes
Red wine can change the color of our teeth

This way, water can be the best ally for our mouth, because it hydrates it and also the rest of our organism. Drinks with any kind of dye like sangria or wine, aren’t considered positive because eventually they can stain the teeth’s enamel. About daily routines, the summer tendency is to eat in between hours or disturb timings that provoke maladjustment of our corporal care, especially the mouth; but we don’t have to forget that our teeth still need a complete daily hygiene to avoid problems back from holidays.

El agua es nuestro mejor aliado... también para los dientes
Water is the best for teeth

But not everything is negative, elements like the sun in summer, help to settle the calcium in our teeth, or the sea salt, that it has been demonstrated to be healthy for our smile always in small amounts, it can be an incentive to enjoy the free time of the summer season. Anyway, do not forget that a good oral hygiene and visiting the dentist periodically are always our best allies to show our best smile… also in summer!

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