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The fear to dentist causes worse oral pathologies and the need to make complex treatments and more damaging from the medical sight.

Doctor Jorge Escobar. 24/06/2015
El 75% de las personas adultas tienen miedo al dentista
El 75% de las personas adultas tienen miedo al dentista
75% of adults are afraid of the dentist

Approximately, the 75% of the adult population feel some level of fear or anxiety during a visit to the dentist, which provokes jaw’s tension, oral dryness, panic attacks or anaesthetic or treatment rejection. This problem makes a lot of people delay their appointment or to difficult the procedure, damaging their own oral health.  This fear to dentist usually appears when patients are planning to get dental implants. They don’t dare because of the fear of being in pain.

Dental implants now a days are treatments totally safe thanks to the development of the innovative and the latest technology in odontology that when used by a competent, qualified and experienced professional, they perfectly work. This treatment consists in 2 steps, the prosthetic step (confection and placement of the prosthesis on the implant) and the surgical step (implant placement) these two steps will take us to success of the treatment.

The implants are made in two phases

Oral implants are complements that act like artificial roots, created to substitute absent or lost teeth for any reason able to get integrated with the rest of the mouth tissues.

The existence of new sort of techniques such as immediate load implants, have improved the procedure to substitute teeth. Now, they are placed through minimally invasive surgeries guided by computer. Even more, thanks to clinic protocols like SmyOne, the lost tooth or molar can be replaced in just one act and the patient can leave with a provisional resin piece while the prosthetic laboratory makes the new piece with the right shape and colour in just two visits.

The postoperative is painless and quick

The fear we were talking about at the beginning is reduced for two reasons. First, because the patient can see the final result of the implant placement in the mouth through 3D images before starting the surgery, after being through different tests that permit knowing the teeth anatomy.  And the second reason is that the virtual plan of oral implants and the guided surgery permit the placement of the prosthesis at the same moment of the implant with the exact angle and deepness, thanks to a personalized surgery designed with the computer. During the surgery the incisions are precise and controlled to the millimetre avoiding bleeding and the need of suture. Doing it this way, the postoperative in painless and fast.

This extraordinary and positive change in oral technology, it has gone from the need to make the treatments almost always before the anaesthetic injection, to be able to make the treatment without pain in countless cases where the smile’s aesthetic is recovered. The most important things to avoid this fear to dentist are frequent visits to the odontologist and preventive attitudes to keep a good oral health.

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