Periodontitis and Gingivitis, do you suffer from them?

Gums are one of the more sensitive parts of our mouths.

Marisa Nufrio. 06/07/2016

Gums are one of the more sensitive parts of our mouths. Because of that, the apparition of inflammation due to bacteria between teeth or due to tartar isn’t rare. The effects of these inflammations are the ones that create periodontal illnesses that depending on their severity they can be gingivitis or periodontitis.

La tecnología se pone al servicio de la odontología
The inflammation of the gums due to bacterial plaque can cause gingivitis.

The inflammation of the gums due to bacterial plaque can cause gingivitis. If you have reddish gums or they bleed after brushing your teeth, it could be because of that. Sometimes it is mistaken with a minor complication and it is treated with products designed for sensitive gums, with no big results. Because of that, the best thing you can do is visit your dentist who will properly diagnose the illness and will recommend you the best treatment. It doesn’t have to be mistaken with gingivectomy that is about the gingival smile.

¡Sonríe! Pero cuidando tus dientes siempre
Periodontitis is a more serious problem

If gingivitis is not diagnosed on time or adequately it can become periodontitis. Periodontitis is a more serious problem because it ends up in the loose of bone due to the amount of bacteria in the mouth. It is an irreversible illness because the bone tissues can’t be recovered. Moreover, it not only affects the gums, it also affects the periodontal ligaments and the tooth sockets, located in the jaw’s cavity where teeth have their roots.

Una bonita sonrisa también ayuda a ser más feliz
A nice smile helps to be happier

The main consequence is exactly this one: the loose of the natural base of the teeth. In the long term it can be solved with implants; but, obviously, it is always recommended to have our own dental pieces and even more if they are healthy.

The treatment of the periodontal illnesses goes necessarily through the recovery of the gums. To get this, the bacterial plaque has to be eliminated from each dental piece, over and underneath the gum. If we talk about periodontitis, we should have to stop the dental loose from the bone to avoid the dental pieces to lose their subjection.

Lucir una sonrisa perfecta es más fácil que nunca
Show off a perfect smile is easy

Of course, giving the facilities to the patient to keep a good oral hygiene is a must. It is about stopping the advance of this kind of illnesses, but also about prevent their re-apparition and their expansion all over the mouth. It is important to highlight that periodontitis is forever, because of this reason, going regularly to your dentist it is the best option to keep it under control.

Cuida tus encías para evitar enfermedades dentales
Watch your gums to avoid dental disease

If you suffer from any of these problems, your dentist will be your best ally to fight against them. Remember that a quick and precise diagnosis is always the most effective way to avoid these kinds of illnesses. Visit your dentist and start smiling!

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