Porcelain veneers, yes please!

Doctor Jorge Escobar. 12/08/2015
Zac Efron
Zac Efron
Zac Efron

Nowadays, dental aesthetic has won leadership. Oral treatments to improve our smiles are now one of the main reasons to visit the dentist. During these visits the solution people ask for more often are the porcelain veneers, and for this reason we are going to tell you everything you need to know about them.

What is this? This revolutionary element has become a claim in the aesthetic treatments. It consists in allocate very thin sheets of porcelain, most of them in the central area of the tooth and generally it gets attached to the front sector of the teeth.

It is important to maintain an oral hygiene routine

Which is their function? Mainly, veneers are the perfect choice to recover the aesthetic and the functionality of the tooth. This is an alternative very effective when having dental stains, fractures or even to fix interdental gaps, not forgetting they are awesome to modify the shape and size of our teeth.

Do they have the right colour to match our teeth? One of the biggest concerns of the patients before going through this sort of treatments is to know how their smile would be after getting the veneers attached to their teeth, will they look too white? With the latest technology, nowadays, the results are actually natural in shape, colour and size. Moreover, porcelain has very similar characteristics to the dental enamel with details such us: brightness, transparency and translucency.

The results are actually natural in shape, colour and size

How are they designed? To start with, it is necessary to go through a deep study of each patient. The first step is to prepare the teeth for the veneer placement, after that all the measurements are taken and the final step is the veneers’ placement, being this process painless and easy.

How does it stick? For this purpose resin cement is used because it offers a perfect joint.

Do they require any special care? Not necessary. One of the features of this material is that it actually reproduce the aesthetic and functionality of the teeth so for this reason, after they are attached there is no special care to be done. It is important to maintain an oral hygiene routine with toothbrush and dental floss daily, and of course visit the dentist to check that everything is going well. No more steps to follow after you get porcelain veneers.

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