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Labiaplasty is a surgical process that is included within the so-called female intimate cosmetic surgery.

Julio Puig. 25/09/2015

It take as an aim the reduction and harmonization of the size and shape of the vaginal labia minora, with no loss of sensitivity in the area, with a practically invisible scar. We place in the field of the improvement of the aspect of the intimate zone of the women and that the patient who receives it goes to obtain different both physical and emotional benefits where normally the autoesteem plays an important role.

Usually, the most common surgical intervention is reduced vaginal labia minora, which, due to the passage of time, childbirths, or congenital reasons, appearlike excessively large, pendulous or asymmetrical, being visible to protrude with regarding the labia. This type of surgery is demanded by women of all ages, who can see in labiaplasty a solution to their most intimate problems.

La labioplastia es una operación sencilla que apenas deja cicatriz
Labiaplasty is a simple operation that leaves little scar

This disorder involves not only an aesthetic question, but interferes in the daily life of patients; in his personal intimate hygiene, using tight clothes or bikinis, on having sports and during sexual relations, producinginsecurity, inconvenience and in many cases pain.Usually the patient and the plastic surgeon make concrete before the surgery, what is what is is tried to obtain by means of the same one. The most common thing is that the patient seeks to reduce the size and thickness of its lower labia minora, with the aim that they do not stand out with regard to the major labia.

Being this the most habitual problem, it is necessary to indicate that the procedure involves the removal of excess tissue that produces hypertrophy of the lips, and the removal the remaining skin of the same one.After surgery, the patient will recover much more aesthetic, taut and youthful look in their intimate area. Generally, there is usually no loss of sensitivity, and can be solved very uncomfortable problems when using certain types of clothing, or make sports or physical exercise.

La labioplastia puede contribuir a devolver la confianza en una misma
Labiaplasty can help restore self-confidence

It is a simple procedure in which a local anesthesia is used with minimal sedation. The surgery is performed on an outpatient ambulatory form without need hospitalization, lasting half an hour and after that, the patient can return home. After a period of two weeks, the stitches used in the intervention fall down of natural form. Usually after labiaplasty women can return to workwithin one or two days. It is recommended not to have sexual relations for a period of approximately 4-6 weeks.

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