Remove Localized Fat With Aqualix

Aqualix is a solution, biocompatible and fully resorbable to remove localized fat deposits.

Julio Puig. 16/10/2015

Unlike many other treatments that are proclaimed as the revolution for the removal of fat without surgery, has full CE approval.

Intralipotherapy with Aqualyx® with a new injection technique is the non-surgical treatment for removing fat deposits, consisting of introducing into the treatment area ​​a hypertonic substance as sodium deoxycholate, which you will get the ultimate destruction of adipocytes or fat cells, so that we reduce the body size of the treated area.

Aqualix es indoloro y no requiere anestesia.

Sodium deoxycholate, also known as deoxycholic acid and commonly called Aqualix, is an acid that is present in the human body, particularly in the bile and that it serves to emulsify existing fat in the food we eat. As it is infiltrated in localized areas, produces the fat-busting of the o adipocytes that are eliminated by the lymphatic system.

This technique is particularly suitable for those who have localized fat deposits in some areas of the body, but who are not obese and not have cellulite in the areas where they will receive treatment.

Es perfecto para tratar abdomen y glúteos.
It’s perfect to try abdomen and buttocks.

What you should know about fat removal with Aqualix?

  • The areas to be treated are preferably abdomen, inner and outer areas of the thighs, inner knees, chin, belly, hips and back.
  • With Aqualix treatment the fatty deposits are destroyed and subsequent removal through the lymphatic system.
  • The general protocol is several sessions (between 2 and 5), with a period of separation between two consecutive sessions of 3 to 4 weeks.
  • No anesthesia and no hospitalization was required, so that the patient can continue with normal life at the end of each session.
  • After the treatments and will use an item of pressure therapy of 1-3 days.
  • If bruises appear, we must avoid any exposure to the sun.

Se realizan dos puntos de inyección por zona.

The special needles required for this technique are endowed with high flexibility, and we also can use an anesthetic such as lidocaine, so that the application of aqualix with the use of needles is virtually painless. Usually, 2 injection points for each of the areas to be treated are required. A slight edema, warmth and slight redness may appear during 1-3 days in the treated area.

The treatment is not a substitute for diet in overweight people, it is used to improve the body volume in the treated area. Treatment with Aqualix infiltration is suitable for everyone over 18 with no any serious medical condition or a condition that makes it inadvisable such as pregnancy.

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