Say Yes to the Beard… but Only When it has the Perfect Shape

Growing a beard isn't that trivial and simple like you may be thinking. A beard needs to be treated well and not every man can have one.

Yes, growing a beard is so trendy now and if combined with a top knot, nowadays known as the man bun, then you’re unstoppable. Saying so, I do not consider myself a trend follower nor a sensitive person to all what is happening around in fashion but who believes beard is more than just a trend.

Jared Leto o Leonardo Dicaprio

For this reason I would like to open your eyes to one thing: the beard doesn’t suit everyone the same way! Knowing that my beard isn’t the example to follow. We’ll talk about the man bun in another moment.

Paso uno
Beard requires specific care. Illustrations: Alfonso Casas for the book ‘No sin mi barba’

One should do with his beard whatever one’s want but, once you grow one, it would do you good if you take good care of it. Growing a beard is a responsibility if one wants it to shine instead of looking like a shipwreck survivor.

If you’re a bearded guy, or think of becoming one, you should first know what beard type suits better you physiognomy. First, start by defining what your face’s shape is: squared, round, long, oval, heart shaped, small… If you’ve got this last one (small face), I recommend you shave your beard coz growing one will only make your face smaller.

If you have a beard, do us a favor and take care of it: it will be grateful for all ur efforts. Below an illustration by Alfonso Casas for the «No Sin Mi Barba» book

If you’ve got a squared face, go for a three days beard, or a trimmed one. For a long face, we recommend a beard without much volume/length so it doesn’t make your face longer. If you’ve got a rounded or heart shaped face, you should go for a voluminous beard in the chin area (without exaggerating) so it gives you a longer face effect. If you’ve got an oval face, you’re the lucky one coz you can grow any beard style you want.

Tener barba requiere unos cuidados
visit your barber at least once a month. In the foto myself in Yunes’ barber shop ( A Coruña, Spain)

Now that you know what beard suits you better, it’s time for you to assume your responsibility and start controlling its growth, becoming your barber’s best friend and taking good care of it.  Buy yourself some special soap, oil, balms and special waxes to spoil your beard on daily basis. In the coming articles, we’ll talk in details about the characteristics of these previously mentioned products, basics for any bearded man.

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