The Line of the Smile 

To get a perfect smile it is not enough to have beautiful, aligned and white teeth, other structures in our mouth play an important role.

Doctor Jorge Escobar. 14/10/2015

These days, a good appearance is considered the difference between success and failure. Without a doubt, in a job interview, an event or just in our day a day, the first thing we spot in a person is the smile. Why? Because a happy face, is a face showing confidence itself, fullness and it opens the door to opportunity. This also happens because the mouth physically is one of the focal spots of the face.

Línea de sonrisa baja
Línea de sonrisa baja

Each smile is unique. To get a perfect smile, the smile line has to be a parallel curve to the lower lip and the upper lip has to reach the gingival margin of the upper central incisors and go up to the corners on the lip line. Nevertheless, experts don’t talk about perfection but about beautiful smiles, healthy and harmonic. Transmit health, freshness and balance between teeth, gums and face. Because of this, it is very important to keep harmony with the proportions and shape of the face, same with the physiologic and emotional characteristics of the patient.

The smile has been classified in 3 types according to the amount of gingival exposition in the mediovestibular level of the incisors in relation with the vermilion lip: low, medium and high. The low smile line means a non-forced smile where there isn’t gum showing, medium smile line when 3mm or less gum is showed and last, the high or gingival smile that happens when in a non-forced smile more than 3mm of gum are shown.

Alessandra Ambrosio luce una sonrisa media
Alessandra Ambrosio wears a half smile

Occasionally, patients aren’t happy with their smile but they don’t know exactly why, because probably they have perfect teeth and a healthy mouth. Today with the smile design, the patient satisfaction increases same as the communication with the dentist. This technique permits us get a personalized and perfect smile for each patient even before starting any treatment.

Gums and lips are also important characteristics in the smile line so they become protagonists in the ideal smile design. How is it done? This is possible thanks to the exhaustive study of the case and the application of the latest 3D technology, a system that includes Scanner, X-rays, intraoral scanner, pictures and videos of the patient to make a correct analysis and plan.

Gwen Stefani 1
Gwen Stefani shows some gummy smile

The virtual simulation of the different options permits the patient to check and choose the best solution for them or even choose it with the doctor. Thousands of people all around the world have done it already, now is your turn.

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