The Madonna Effect

Sometimes, some defects can become virtues if they are well presented.

Marisa Nufrio. 03/08/2016

This is the case of the diastema or the excessive dental separation, even more the frontal teeth. Celebrities like Madonna or Brigitte Bardot have always showed off having their visible teeth separated and they have made it a powerful identity sign that today is trendier than ever. A lot of beauty firms are asking for models with separated frontal teeth because they look youthful, very demanded by the clothing industry. A slightly separation interdental grants, for so many people, a look of innocence or childhood, very striking for certain advertising campaigns. For this reason, nowadays there are a lot of people asking for surgeries to separate teeth even if they have them together.

Mado 4
Madonna is one of the most representative celebrities with diastema.

The singer Madonna is one of the most representative celebrities with diastema. In fact, being aware about the effect produced by the separated teeth, and the personality that it gives to her, she did fixed it to perform her role in the play of “Evita” and after that, she went back to her past getting back her interdental separation, as it used to be at the beginning of her career.However, there is a grave danger in this kind of surgeries. Separate the incisors surgically can end up in a reduction of the bone in the lower jaw, bone pain in the neck, hips, knees or even illnesses like scoliosis.

In addition, patients who want this kind of surgeries frequently end up with headaches regularly because the surgery provokes maladjustment in the facial structure.The treatment of the diastema can be done by different techniques: orthodontics or porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are attached to the external part of the teeth, fixing the appearance of the dental line. On the other hand, orthodontics try to fix the position of the dental pieces to get the diastema completely closed.

Mado 3
The singer and actress Vanessa Paradis

Anyway, it will be the dentist who will make an analysis of your mouth to propose a specific solution for the problem.Do not forget that imitating celebrities isn’t always recommended for our oral health. In the case of diastema, it is a natural defect that can be fixed or not but doesn’t have to be provoked. Design your smile always following your facial patterns and forget what make other look nice. Beauty is something subjective and depends only on you.


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