The Most Demanded Dental Treatments in Autumn

Demand has increased thanks to the design of smiles and the development of the latest technology with perfect results in patients.

Doctor Jorge Escobar. 30/09/2015

According to the last industry statistics, almost the 80% of the adult population has a dental problem that requires a treatment. Similarly, dental aesthetics has increasingly a biggest place among patients. The concern about having healthy, clean and white smile is increasing. With the arrival of the cold season and after a couple of months on holidays during summer, autumn and being back to reality are the best time of the year to get an appointment with your dentist and get a good revision of our smile.

Moreover, thanks to the digital smile design, a technique that permits showing the final result in our mouth before starting any treatment, using the latest 3D technology, any person can reach their dreamed smile and enjoy all the benefits it leads to. Among the most popular and wanted treatments we find those one created to get a beautiful, healthy and harmonic smile.

Blanqueamiento dental
Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening:The professional whitening is the most wanted treatment by patients in the world. The main goal of this treatment is to get whiter teeth. This aesthetic treatment is done using two or three concentrations of hydrogen peroxide in the clinic, empowered by a led lamp. After this, at home, every night, and during a week, the patient has to use flexible molds loaded with carbamide peroxide.

Los implantes cada vez son menos invasivos
Non-invasive implants

Non-invasive implants:Immediate load implants have improved the procedure to replace teeth. Each implant now is placed through a minimum invasive surgery guided by computer, with no need to make a cut in the gum. The missing tooth is replaced in just one step and the patient can leave the clinic with a provisional piece during the time that the laboratory creates the final one which is normally placed after two or three months. Moreover, all mentioned before happens in just two visits to the dentist. Bye bye conventional implants, welcome painless and non-inflammatory treatments!

Before and after Cheryl Cole was put porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers:They are the secret of lots of celebrities to always show spotless teeth. Porcelain veneers are already synonym of artificial teeth. New veneers imitate the waves of natural enamel with thinner edges and less straight to rebuild small defects of the enamel, partial fractures, or a gap in between teeth. In this case, the aesthetic option is to place veneers of porcelain on top the natural tooth of the patient in just two visits.

Ortodoncia invisible
Non-visible orthodontics

Non-visible orthodontics:This treatment is a demanded alternative to conventional brackets. Each day it gets stronger because of the excellent results, transparency and how comfy they are. Patients with complex bad occlusions can choose this solution to fix the position in a gradual way. It consists of a series of invisible and removable aligners that are changed every two weeks for a new one.

In all cases, always remember that before any dental treatment it is important to visit a specialized clinic, with experienced doctors, and trying to avoid aggressive offers.

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