Veneers or Dental Whitening?

Get some as white as the stars of Hollywood with these two methods teeth.

Marisa Nufrio. 15/06/2016

Sometimes, we watch on TV or magazines how movie stars always keep a perfect smile whatever happens. Their teeth are always spotless and they show a shiny white conveying a faultless image. A lot of people try to imitate them using whitening tooth paste with no success and they wonder, how do they get it?

Carillas o blanqueamiento, tú eliges cómo tener los dientes más blancos
Movie stars always keep a perfect smile whatever happens

Teeth have two distinct areas, which are; the enamel (exterior part) and dentine (interior part). The enamel is made by hydroxyapatite, a mineral formed by micro crystals grouped that leave tiny gaps in between them, called pores. These pores get dirty over time making teeth to lose their original white.

Hay que cuidar la higiene bucal para unos dientes más blancos
You must take care of oral hygiene

To slow this process, at first we have to pay attention to the food, tobacco, some drinks (tea, coffee and red wine) and soft-drinks, dame as with certain fruits (strawberries and cherries), sweets, sauces (ketchup) or come alimentary condiments like curry or spices; specially when they contain dye. Secondly, it is a must to follow a correct and daily oral hygiene and visit the dentist frequently.

Nowadays we recommend two methods to get whiter teeth and a more beautiful and attractive smile: dental veneers and a whitening treatment or SmyWhite. The application of one or another always depends on the patient, the status of his teeth or the results they want to achieve, so they always need the advice of their dentist.

Dientes más blancos en menos tiempo
Whiter teeth in less time

The whitening is a simple procedure with immediate results. It starts with a dental cleaning to condition the teeth to work on it. In this process all the impurities of the enamel are cleaned, because it is in here where the treatment is done. After the cleaning, the whitening is done, getting up to 6 tones whiter. The result vary depending on the patient. The best result corresponds to the lighter color of our teeth, a completely natural color.

Una sonrisa bonita es posible pero siempre con tu dentista
A nice smile is possible but always with your dentist

Dental veneers aren’t just used to whiten; they are also used to fix damaged teeth. This method requires a small reduction of the enamel to place the veneer over the tooth. This way, the thickness of the veneer will be compensated by the wear of the dental piece. Among the advantages of the veneers we can find their personalization which permits to create pieces with a certain colour, shape and size, reducing the natural effects of the teeth and designing a uniform mouth in the proportion and placement of the teeth. Moreover, now and thanks to SmyDesign, it is possible to see the final result before starting it, assuring this way we get the desired result.

Presume de sonrisa con unos dientes perfectos
Smile with perfect teeth

Anyway, we should not forget that whitening treatments or dental veneers aren’t substitutes of the cleaning, so that, it is necessary to keep looking after our hygiene and our alimentary routines. Not only to watch the results but also to keep a healthy, cleaned and functional smile.

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