What Better Than Her Best Smile as a Present?

Next Sunday is Mother’s Day and still some indecisive that didn’t choose the perfect present yet.

Marisa Nufrio. 27/04/2016

At Smylife we have found the definitive present if you really want to surprise your mother in this special day and stop letting you go by the common gifts. It is a gift card, thanks to it, she could choose in between all our treatments, the one that fits her better. We recommend you some of the most demande ones:

Haz que su sonrisa sea perfecta el Día de la Madre
Make your smile perfect at Mother’s Day

DENTAL SPA. Yes, our smile can also enjoy a nice treat. The treatment includes cleaning with ultrasounds, EasyJet Pro application (compact whitener of propelled bicarbonate crystals) and fluoridation for the sensitivity, getting a natural whitening of the smile. Moreover, she will know the current status of her smile after a complete revision with all the diagnosis tests needed.

Tu madre se merece lo mejor también para su salud dental
Your mother deserves the best

DENTAL WHITENING. Showing off beautiful and white teeth is the desire of any person, so she will love it.  After a personalized studio of the case, where pictures and x-rays are taken just to know which colour is possible to get, a complete cleaning and prepare the tooth and eliminate every existing impurity. After couple of days, the whitening is done, getting to whiten the smile up to 6 tones.

Un tratamiento dental, el regalo perfecto para tu madre
A dental treatment can be the perfect gift for your mother

SMYDESIGN. You can also surprise your mother with this complete present. Thanks to this sophisticated system of Digital Smile Design DSD, it is already possible to design the perfect smile for each person, same as define from the beginning every step that has to be followed to get it. After a series of diagnosis tests, a real simulation or mock-up of her smile is done, so she can try it on and at that very moment she will be able to see and feel the change of her life even before starting with the treatment.

Un blanqueamiento, el regalo perfecto para mamá
A whitening, perfect gift for mom

With any of these treatments you can surprise your mother making her enjoy a unique experience through the five senses at an exclusive and different atmosphere, designed to make it a special visit. Don’t doubt it; give her a perfect smile, her best smile!

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