London Calling

Fragrance Du Bois' Latest Creation Takes Inspiration From One of the World's Greatest Cities.

The Luxonomist. 22/10/2015

‘London Calling’, the song written and performed by iconic British punk rock band The Clash, has been an anthem for more than three decades since its release in 1979. Gritty and uncompromising, The Clash blazed a trail with their unique brand of music and virtuosity, and London Calling struck a chord with many at the time. Fragrance Du Bois will be doing the same with its new perfume, London Oud, created for celebrity client and London resident, David Haye, the former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion.

Fragrance Du Bois 2
London Oud, Fragrance Du Bois. Click for more information

The brief was ostensibly simple; create an original and a unique 100% natural, Oud-based fragrance that reflects the history and vitality of one of the world’s greatest cities, embracing its richness, cultural diversity and heritage. Eclectic, but quintessentially cool, London Oud manages to capture the mood of a vibrant metropolis as alive today as it was when The Clash released its epochal track.

Fragrance Du Bois 3
London Oud, Fragrance Du Bois. Click for more information

«When David Haye first approached us to create this fragrance back in 2013,» said Nicola Parker, Brand Director at Fragrance Du Bois, «I was both thrilled and a little trepidatious. I was brought up in and aroundLondon, and worked there for several years in the fashion industry. Helping to create a fragrance that told the story of a city that is close to my heart, was going to be a challenge, but also a dream job. I instantly identifiedFrancois Merle-Baudoin as the right man for the task. He worked closely with David, and as a fifth generation perfumer, who was actually born in Grasse, he understands the complexities of working with natural Oud, as well as the demands and mores of the modern fragrance world. In the middle of 2014, after almost a year of creative work, the fragrance was born, and as soon as we tested it, we knew it was going to be something very special indeed.»

Fragrance Du Bois 4
London Oud, Fragrance Du Bois. Click for more information

The fragrance opens like a fresh, spring morning in London, with the mist rolling off the Thames and swirling across parks and around the ankles of morning joggers. As the morning progresses, so too does the fragrance, as faint nuances of citrus and lavender give way to complex white floral notes, matching the vibrant character of the city.

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