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Los Jabones de mi Mujer, 100% natural soaps made in the Sierra de Guadarrama.

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Los Jabones de mi Mujer shop. Make clic to buy

The good thing about Spring is that you can do with it what you please; even packaging it. In Santiuste de Pedraza, a tiny village in the province of Segovia (Spain), Amelia Perez wrap Spring in paper so that everyone who passes by can take it home. Los jabones de mi mujer was born almost 10 years ago with the blessing of Nature who realized that Amelia came with her herbal books under their arms in peace: soaps are made with natural ingredients and methods who care for the environment and do not generate waste or toxic fumes.

As Juliette Binoche did with chocolates in Chocolat, Amelia has a special talent for knowing what soap exactly your skin needs. In fact, the beautiful shop-workshop of Los jabones de mi mujer has that atmosphere of old wooden dressers and pastry trays made of glass with bell. All soaps are neatly displayed on shelves with crochet border and have been handmade in cold proccess with extra virgin olive oil from Cordoba, butter and natural oils. They are also free from preservatives, parabens or artificial additives.

Los Jabones de mi Mujer son respetuosos con el medio ambiente. Haz clic para comprar
Los Jabones de mi Mujer. Make clic to buy

This Spring, Amelia recommends Lavender Soap. This soap suits all skin types and deeply nourishes, relaxes and freshens. It has been elaborated with cocoa butter, an important antioxidant. Another soap from Los jabones de mi mujer particularly suitable now that the warm weather arrives is the Rosemary Soap, handcrafted with shea butter, a natural regenerator that prevents the skin and hair aging. The Rosemary oil that is included in its formulation is a natural antiseptic that strengthens the scalp. This soap tones and exfoliates the skin gently and is ideal for oily or acne skin.

If you have psoriasis or dermatitis, you must try the Carrot Soap with neroli, which is rich in beta-carotene, a substance that the body transform into vitamin A, improving the state of even extremely sensitive skin. Green Tea Soap and Argan Soap are also indicated to relief irritation and itching and to heal wounds, sores and eczema. Argan oil is very important in the traditional medicine of the Berbers and has an amazing ability to slow the degeneration of the skin.

Los Jabones de mi Mujer. Make clic to buy
Los Jabones de mi Mujer. Make clic to buy

And if you want a super complete soap, which can be used to wash your face, body and head, you will love the Aloe Vera Soap because it is antioxidant, regenerating and anti-inflammatory. The benefits of oil extracted from the aloe vera plant are unbeatable: promotes wounds healing, fights againts acne and spots and prevents cellular aging. Used as shampoo, it strengthens the scalp, nourishes and gives elasticity.

  • Did you know… The name Los jabones de mi mujer (My wife’s soap) was created spontaneously by Amelia’s husband who always reply to people who asked whose were these soaps that smelled so good with “son los jabones de mi mujer”.
  • 100% Eco… Packaging is made from recycled paper and cardboard. Embellishments are made with natural materials while glues, plastics and silicone are avoided.
100% eco. Los Jabones de Mi Mujer

  • Bestsellers... Rosehip and Aloe Vera Soaps are the most popular.
  • Where to find them… You can buy Los jabones de mi mujer ar the store of Santiuste de Pedraza, at the online store, and at stores like Miguina de pan (Gijón), La flor de mi Besana (Valladolid), Monissima (Barcelona) or Nasei Belleza(Bilbao). Amelia plans to start selling its soaps abroad very soon.


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