Physical or Chemical Exfoliant?

Find out wich one is best suited to your skin.

The Luxonomist. 21/12/2015

Exfoliation is an important step in any beauty routine, essential to achieving luminous, radiant skin. There are several different kinds of exfoliants, however, and it is important that you know the differences between them and understand how they work, in order to determine which is the best suited for your skin type. The most common are scrubs (physical exfoliants) and chemical peels. These are two equally effective options that offer you different benefits. Would you like to learn which is the most appropriate for you?

Young, healthy skin looks hydrated, supple and has a natural glow. This is because it changes cells regularly; the dead skin cells (corneocytes) fall off and make way for new cells (keratinocytes). Unfortunately, this process slows down over the years. This may also be caused by other factors that make cellular metabolism more difficult, such as stress or fatigue.

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As skin loses its ability to regenerate on its own, wrinkles appear. Skin becomes noticeably duller and drier due to the surface accumulation of dead skin cells that suffocate it, and it becomes more prone to acne breakouts. Because of this, your skin needs a little help… exfoliate it!

By refining the stratum corneum (the outermost layer of your skin), you will not only recover luminosity and have fewer spots and blemishes, but your skin will also become much more permeable for the cosmetics that you apply afterward. In addition, when you exfoliate, it triggers your skin’s repair mechanisms: cellular renewal accelerates; fibroblasts (dermal cells) increase the production of collagen and elastin fibers; and your skin’s ability to retain hydration improves.

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Chemical Exfoliant:

  • Chemical substances that dissolve the bond between dead cells and stimulate the living ones. Some can also dissolve dead skin cells.
  • Applied without friction and left to act on their own.
  • Depending on their concentrations, peels may reach deeper levels of your skin.
  • Contribute to diminishing dark spots and revealing luminous skin.

Physical Exfoliants:

  • Products with micro-particles that remove dead skin cells through friction.
  • Applied by massage (mechanical action).
  • Act on the outermost layer of your skin.
  • Some may irritate skin that is very sensitive or has small blemishes.
  • Achieve instant softness.
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The power of micro-particles.
Physical exfoliants are those that work by friction. Scrubs, the most popular alternative, contain micro-particles that remove dead cells. They act on the outermost layers of skin, offering a safe, gentle exfoliation. Another advantage they offer is that they are formulated in pleasant emulsions that are easy to massage and may include beneficial ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen or antioxidants.

But if your skin is very sensitive, be careful! Scrubs containing natural particles (bone or ground fruit seeds) may be too aggressive. Their edges may cause micro-scratches which, although unseen, may irritate skin. Read the instructions carefully to know what kind of granules are used in your exfoliant.

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A matter of chemistry.
Chemical peelswork differently to loosen dead skin cells: thanks to their composition, they dissolve the bond that keeps corneocytes together, so skin exfoliates without you having to provide any sort of friction. There are a multitude of options from which to choose, offering exfoliation at greater or lesser depths according to the active ingredient used and its concentration. The most common are alpha hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid or lactic acid, or beta hydroxy acids such as salicylic acid. Chemical exfoliants are ideal for sensitive skin, and for individuals concerned about spots given that the acids help eliminate melanin accumulations on the surface of the skin.

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Consistency, Consistency and more Consistency.
You already know that achieving optimum results depends on regular use. The frequency with which you should exfoliate will depend on your skin type and the products you use. You will need to test them to see how your skin reacts but make this step part of your weekly routine because, as you have seen, it will help give you the radiant skin you have always dreamed of.

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Natura Bissé Exfoliants.

  • C+C Vitamin Scrub:Thisscrubis formulated with fine rosa mosqueta seeds and polylactic acid, a polymer found in natural ingredients that is completely biocompatible and biodegradable. Its perfect spheres are suitable for use on even the most sensitive skin. It also contains alpha hydroxy acids from bitter oranges to produce an even more effective exfoliation.
  • Glyco Extreme Peel:Achemical exfoliantwith maximum effectiveness, thanks to its triple exfoliation system. Contains 5 AHAs (glycolic, malic, tartaric, citric and lactic), as well as salicylic acid; Exfolyactil Mimetic, a new generation peptide that eliminates dead skin cells; and a beta lipoic acid that acts on the deepest layers of the skin to stimulate the enzymes responsible for the natural exfoliation process. It is ideal for dry skin and for skin that is prone to acne or has hyperpigmentation. A must-have for anti-aging!


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